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A lot of people think that the flourocarbon lead is just a little extra bit to help catch more fish, but to the contrary that flourocarbon lead is OFTEN the difference between spotting fish and getting them to bite.

In muddy water I will use no more than 6-8lb flourocarbon line. Trout have very developed eyesight and will stray if they see your line. Some people get lucky when the trout are on a feeding binge in the runs, but if you're fishing pools you'll need to stay finesse in order to raise bites.

When the water is low and clear drop it down to 2-4lb flourocarbon and long leads.

Buying good quality flourocarbon is a necessity. Forget the junky $12 for 250 yards stuff you see. The good stuff will be about 4-6 bucks for 25-30 yards. My favourite brand so far has been Seaguar.

Also make sure your leads are connected with a quality barrel swivel (Spro makes great swivels).

Keep your approach as stealthy as possible, and you'll reap the rewards of monster tributary trout.
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