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Treble hook replacing

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Good grief is there a tool to help with treble hook replacing on crankbaits? This is ridiculous! :rofl1: :rofl2: Took me an hour to do 4 baits by hand. :p

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get a pair of split-ring pliers :) Bass Pro sells em :)
cool deal, thanks! :notworthy:

My thumb nails sure hurt when I do it lol ( I always forget to get them split-ring plyers )
The tip of your knife will work, but ya can't beat a good pair of Split Ring pliers
I put a couple of red trebles on the front of a few lipless cranks lastnight. Felt good to use the split ring plyers I got at BPS. My thumb nails are thanking me for spending the $5 on them plyers . :tongue2:
If you have the cheap stamped steel pliers you can file down the nose to make it thinner. They work pretty well then.
I've had better luck with my fingernail than split ring pliers. Just can't seem to get the pliers to work correctly.
what size treble hooks do yall use on your crankbaits?? prefer a brand over the other?
Owner Stinger trebles only! These are great. I put them on everything that has a treble. I put as big a hook as I can get away with and not affect the action.
I tend to use Mustad Triple Grips over others most often. I have others on hand, but the confidence lies with Triple Grips.
Those stamped pliers are crap. if you change out hooks alot , buy
quality not cheap . You'll see the diference !!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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