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Tournament In Morning

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...and teh weather SUCKS but oh well.. I dont care! It will be my first tournament out of my own boat and i will have fun regardless of what happens or how the weather is in the morning! :thumbup01:

Ive been spending my afternoon gassin up the boat and truck, putting line on my reels, rigging my rods and loading necessities like rain gear, subzero jumpsuit (I need a new one now, this one says Ranger on it lol) towels and miscellaneous junk.

I figured out my prefishing cost me 12 gallons of gas. I wish I knew if that was normal or not. I also wish I knew how to log the miles I travel with my GPS. I thought it did that automatically... but I dont see where.

Anyway, Im all set and have to be on the road at 2:45am so I am gonna try to get to sleep early so I can wake at about 1:45am. Im so excited! :clap:
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rip some lips man
hope you and your boat smell all fishy
Best of Luck to ya Jared, hope the weather works in you favor
Good Luck Jared! I know you'll enjoy it in spite of the weather! You are gonna be in your own boat!! :dance01:
Good luck Jared, may her maiden voyage into the world of tournament fishing be a good one.
Jared, Kick some ass boy!!! Break that baby in right. Tip to ya! When pre fishing get to a ramp as close to the spot you want to fish to ease your gas bill. I be waiting for a report from you on how it went. Wear plenty of clothes you can always shed them! Go get them!!!! :redratltrap:
Thanks guys! :clap:

It's 1:30am and I am getting up. I think I got a couple hours sleep... "think" being the keyword lol

Coffee pot is working away and thermos is ready to :thumbup01:
I hope you have a great day! Good luck with the big ones!
I wil give a better report when I have more energy but for now i will just say this... I caught fish, came in 5th, could have been much better BUT my trolling motor was messed up AGAIN right from the time I put the boat in the water. Called up dealer from the water TICKED OFF to no end!! I will give details after I rest Im completely worn out!
Hey congrats on the 5th place finish. Sorry for the TM problems again. How many did you catch on the red trap? haha.
WTG on her maiden tournament voyage !!!
Thank you :)

I am positive I'd have caught a lot more fish if my trolling motor was working like it should have. I went right back to where I located fish last weekend and lo and behold they were THERE! All the fish I caught came from that same area, doing the same thing that I did last weekend.

I was working a fluke near timber and if there was grass near the timber i was working it twice as hard. I was also sticking to the outside of the creek bends. I know the inside bends are the slowest current but the outside is the deepest and that seemed to be where they wanted to be. Last weekend I spent my time zig-zagging back and forth across the the creek, from the outside of one bend to the outside of the next. This weekend crossing the creek was not the issue, my TM worked enough to do that, but holding my position to fish the cover, now THAT was sooooooooooo aggravating and almost impossible to do! Although I did manage to do it enough to catch 3 nice fish, unfortunately I only weighed in 2 of those fish, the 3rd one came off right at the boat! :cussin:

Now the trolling motor issue. It had no momentary setting. It was either on or off and the only way to turn if on and off was either using the 12/24 switch or the Momentary/Constant switch. The big switch on the pedal did NOTHING. ALso the momentary side of the momentary/constant switch didnt do momentary it just did constant. I slammed the dock as soon as I had my boat launched this morning and didnt understand why. I soon found out it was because when I took my foot off the pedals big button it wasnt turning the motor off. :cussin: So needless to say I had a frustrating time trying to control the motor. You have no idea how aggravating it is to have to use the 12/24 switch to cut your motor on and off because you can not keep the motor turned as you wish it to be when you do that due to the fact that you have to take you foot off the pedal to hit the 12/24 switch. I eventually, put the speed selector switch on 3 and switched between 12 and 24 volts to try to keep some control. It didnt work great but it gave me a little sanity back.

I was soooooooooooooo mad that I called the dealer at 9am while on the water. I should not be having ANY problems with the trolling motor on that boat but yet I have had problems 2 weekends in a row. Furthermore, I thnk the problem i had this weekend was one that I mentioned to the salesman right before I bought the boat when I was still in the "looking" stage. Not only that but the tech that put my new tachometer in last week didnt hook the lights up on it so its not illuminated. Now I cant help but wonder if all the warning lights in it are hooked up too. I told the dealer that I did NOT want the guy who has been working on my boat to ever touch it again. Hes new and has only been working on boats for 9 months. I told them I knew he was new but that the boat was all I got and Id rather he learn on someone elses boat not mine. They said thats not gonna be a problem.

Anyway, like I said I came in 5th, with only 2 fish for 4.39lbs. There were quite a few zeroes too I guess. I Had a great time fishing. The 25+mph wind and temps leaved little to be desired and my TM was a pain in the butt BUT I was fishing and i had fun. Im surprised my batteries lasted me all day but they seemed to have done well especially when you consider the fact that my trolling motor was on wide open most of the day. I also found some new areas I never knew existed. One area I found, it seems can only be accessed by a bass boat during high tide but I believe fish will be up in it all spring and all summer. It looked SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo perrrttttttttty! And as you may have guessed, I couldnt control my boat enough to really fish it although I did try. Im going back to it though sometime soon :)

Well thats that, I wish I could have had some pictures but the guys in my club rush toooo much. I keep trying to convince them that we need pix of all weigh ins because it would make a good scrap book but most of the guys in my club are as old school as you can get and could care less about stuff like that. Though my president and my vice president, Ziggy, and i have talked abouit it and they think its a good idea. Im hoping they bring it up next meeting. (Ziggy yoiu readin this?? ;) )

Next months tourney is on Santee Cooper. God I am gonna be nervous tryin to learn to run that place! But I do know one thing, my trolling motor will be fixed and working like new or... or... well... Im not even gonna worry about the "or" part. ;)
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Im sure you was cussing like a ' sailor ' about the trolling motor. I know I would of been.

I dont see why they dont want any pictures ( unless there wanted by the law lol rofl ) I can understand not everyone doing it, but at least if you got a big fish and also place in the tournament, just smile and say ' fish on ' hehe
Way to never give up Jared, Once you get those bugs worked out you'll be fine. Is getting a new mechanic an option? I don't think I'd take my boat back. The trolling motor is a vital part of the game isn't it! I learned that last year my self. I bought a new Minkota I don't know how I ever fished with the junk I had. It hurts to replace one but it pays for its self quick in headaches saved. Great job on the tourney!!
Dang, I hate to hear about your problems. On a good note you still came in 5th. That has to say something.......coming in 5th with no trolling motor. I couln't come in 20th if I had a trolling motor. LOL

Good luck on your tournament next month.
sorry to hear of more trouble with your TM. that does suck.but congrats on the 5 place.
when it all work right you will wonder what will go wrong next :rofl1: :rofl1:.
Fish4FunInFl said:
I dont see why they dont want any pictures ( unless there wanted by the law lol rofl ) I can understand not everyone doing it, but at least if you got a big fish and also place in the tournament, just smile and say ' fish on ' hehe
When we fished Santee last month, there were a bunch of big fish caught and i couldnt get anyone to hold the fish up for a picture. Heck half of them were headed for the lake to let their fish go before I even knew they had a nice fish. Thats a problem right there... while I am releasing fish (mine or someone elses) people are still weighing in. The older guys like to give me their fish to release for them. Hard to take pix when youre at the lake. Im putting a stop to that though. I really wanna get pix of our tournaments like yall do in your club ROdney then again, your club just kicks SERIOUS arse!! lol
thanks guys :)
Jared, just move on down here, we got room for another boater. :thumbup01:
Jared, what no mention of you using your trap? And I thought you where going to give it at least 1 hour? haha.

Your TM problems sounds exactly like a bad circuit board. I had this problem and my motor would only be on or off and when it was on it was 100% power no inbetween.

That is an easy fix. I did mine myself.
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