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Tough Conditions

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Well lately it's been a write off up here. We are still waiting for an ice season, yet at the same time the high winds we have been getting everyday make it freezing cold when you do get out. Not only that, but instead of the usual snow, we've been getting lots and lots of rain. Tried to fish the Grand River a few days ago and found that it was up about 6 feet higher than usual and running fast/muddy. Not a pike to be found even in the sheltered tributaries further back. Tough stuff. Temps are getting colder now and we might actually have a shot at some ice fishing if it stays like this, and the winds calm down a bit. I'm not liking this global warming thing!

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That's a miserable bummer Rich!
I hate that for you. Maybe you will get your wish and be able to get in some ice fishing.
Hey, Rich, that ice is there for a reason, dude. It's supposed to tell you "HEY, IT'S TOO DAN COLD TO FISH HERE!" Durn yankees just don't get it. :D
Well its not SOOOOO bad.. I have had a little luck chasing the panfish. Even they are moving slow and acting really finicky.

And my partner Eric caught a nice little pike on new year's day..

Will be a few days before I get out again.. I am going to take the boat out for some last minute open water pike action. We'll see if they can be trolled!
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