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Totally not fishin' But...

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This has nothin to do with fishin' but I had to share this. My mom, 82, lives in a retirement community that sold to another corporation within the past year. This week a new rule book for residents came out. Among them was a requirement for those who have electric wheelchairs, which she does. They have required each resident with an electric wheel chair or scooter, to have a $100,000 per incident liability policy!! If they don't, they are not allowed to RIDE. The interesting thing about this is that the amount of insurance is more than the minimum requierd in Arkansas for operating a car!! And so far, no insurance company I have found writes electric wheelchair liability insurance. I guess they are all gonna have to put away their leather jackets and park their chairs!!!! For some reason, I find all this humorous. Yep, flashing blue lights and " can I see your proof of insurance, mam?" If any of you guy's are in the insurance business and write wheelchair insurance, let me know :eek:ld: :eek:ld: :eek:ld:
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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