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Tim Horton in Wreck During FLW

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BassFan was told by numerous sources, including at least two anglers fishing today's Lake of the Ozarks FLW Series, that a wreck occurred resulting in injury. Note that no details have been confirmed, but all sources reported that pro Tim Horton and his co-angler were thrown from Horton's boat during day 1 of competition. The co-angler is believed to be Leon Williams of Fairdale, Ky.

Reportedly, the co-angler suffered a spinal injury and was airlifted to a St. Louis, Mo. hospital for surgery. The extent of the injury in unknown. Horton is reported to be okay, and on his way to St. Louis.

BassFan currently has calls in to both Horton and FLW Outdoors officials for confirmation.

(originally posted on 10/11/2006)
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Yikes !! I sure hope neither is hurt to bad, BUT that ' spinal ' injury sure dont sound good.
I unintensionaly reported today that the Lake of the Ozarks was the third most dangerous body of water in the US only behind the mississippi river and the atlantic ocean. Right now its the time of the year when the leaves turn colors and alot of people who own these big azz battle ships are cruising around at just above idle speed looking at the scenery and leaving a six to ten foot roller. If you are not paying close attention you will run right up on them and there is nothing to do but hang on and hope every thing comes out ok. If they were traveling at a high rate of speed, which is common because of how big the lake fishes it could have been very ugly. I hope every one involved is OK If I can get any local info I'll try to keep you informed.
                                                              Later,  Drew

3:49pm I just read the mo water patrol report they said that the boat hit a swell and landed on its side throwing the two anglers into the water. first report was a spinal injury to Mr. Williiams but now have downgraded to broken virtabre with no peralysis. Tim was not injured but withdrew from the tournament.
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Fish4FunInFl said:
Yikes !! I sure hope neither is hurt to bad, BUT that ' spinal ' injury sure dont sound good.
Back injuries scare me alot. I got pushed into a corner of a door jam by my brother when we were kids and lost feeling from the waste down for about a minute if that long. I think the doctors called it a "stinger" It hurt pretty bad and was really scary.
WHEW! 6-10'?! One time a cabin cruiser came by my 14' johnboat cruisin along, I coulda thrown a hook in his boat, Took on water from that bleephole, and the wave was 3-4'. Maybe I don't want to move to LOZ.
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