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i have learned recently that fish right before spawning ( when they have big stomaches) tend to stay deep inside cover. though it looks like there not there they really are. they are just waiting for a baitfish to come by. my recent experience was using a lippless crankbait and dragging it right infont of the cover. the best part is that you can actually see the fish come out of the cover and crush you bait. lastly they don't seem to care if the cover is shallow or deeper, if its there they will be in it. anyways i just thought i should share this recently obtained knolage given that i caught atleat fourty fish in a 5 hour period two days in a row in a lake in maryland. well good luck.


Be carefull about using lipless crankbaits especially :redratltrap: ones that color. You might actually catch a fish or two using them ;)

Good job on the 40 fish 2 consecutive days :thumbup01:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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