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Tidal River and Weather

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Well, last weekend I went to Cooper River, which is a coastal lowlands tidal river, and the air temps were in the mid to upper 80s. As a matter of fact the past couple weeks have been the same weather.. air temps low80s to upper 80s.. even low 90s a piece here and there.

Water temps last weekend on Cooper River were in the low 60s.

Last night and today we have started to get some storms and some rain and tonight the temps are supposed to drop out and Thursday, Friday and Saturday the highs are suppose to be in the low 60s and they are calling for lows in the mid to upper 30's.

I cant help but wonder how it will affect the fish in the river Saturday.

Part of me thinks this way:
With Saturday being the 3rd day of lower air temps, the fish should be adjusted by then so it should be business as


It's a river and it's tidal so the weather will not affect the fish anywhere near as much as it would were they in a lake. Tidal is the greatest dictator in their life.


My fish should be right where i left them, living their life with the current and tide.

Now the other part of me thinks:
CRAP CRAP CRAP! LOL!!! The fishing is gonna be all messed up and my fish I found will be long gone!

Honestly I dont know which part of me should win the battle. What do yall think? All thoughts, advice and tips would be greatly appreciated
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Keith, I will definitely toss a red trap for atleast an hour on Saturday due to your persistant recommendation. I too am the "throw 10 minutes and change quick" type of guy when it comes to them.

So it sounds like my first instinct of "My fish should be right where i left them, living their life with the current and tide." is pretty much correct. I am glad to have that agreed with. (atleast I think it was agreed with lol)
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