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There is a group of legislatures with a serious vendetta against MDC, and they wish to cripple it at any cost. It bothers them greatly that they have no political control over the MDC and its funding. Since the sales tax for conservation was passed in 1976, various law makers have tried periodically to get control of MDC funding and/or to be able to dictate management of the state's fish and wildlife. Never has there been such a concerted and comprehensive effort to destroy the Department as we know it. They're attacking from every angle.
Here's a listing of all the bills currently under consideration that would damage the way MDC functions.
SB56 (Munzlinger), which would Eliminate hunting, fishing and trapping permit fees.
SJR1 (Munzlinger), which attacks the composition of the Conservation Commission and would politicize it from the inside.
B178 (Munzlinger), which is another attempt to reclassify captive deer as livestock.
HJR 8 (Redmon), proposes a constitutional provision repealing the sales and use tax for conservation.
HJR 27 (Spencer), proposes a constitutional amendment reducing the sales tax by half.
HJR 28 (Spencer, proposes a constitutional amendment requiring the conservation sales tax to be approved by voters ever 10 years.
HB 315 (Brown), requires the DOC to conduct testing of deceased deer found along state highways for chronic wasting disease.
HB 316 (Brown), requires Conservation Commission members to register as lobbyists and follow lobbyist rules and regulations.
HB 317 (Brown), requires the DOC to reimburse automobile owners of the $500 for damages inflicted upon vehicles by deer
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