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Thread Preservation

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As many of you know, there are some astounding threads with extraordinary information within them on the boards. As the site grows, and it is and will, those threads may become harder to find as the become deeper in the pages of more material. I think that a way to preserve these threads and make them easily browsed and found, should be thought of. I am working on ideas to do this however if anyone has any ideas or input, Id love to hear it.

Thank You All, Jared
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Like we have "Electronics" broken down into specific categories, I'd like to see "General Discussion" broken down into Bass categories like "General Bass Talk", "Techniques/Presentations/Patterns", "Habitat, Structure/Cover/Fishery Types", "Seasons" further divided into "Pre-Spawn", "Spawn", "Post-Spawn", "Summer", "Fall", & "Winter". That way whichever season it is a reader can go to what is current in one place. Then sticky threads would help keep key discussions at the top without covering the entire first page, for a while.

I'd caution against having any games in there that run up a high daily count. When a search is run a game like solving mixed up spelling (can't remember the name of it) can easily put the first 200 hits as a result because your keyword was part of the game. That one runs like "eshabstoese" is solved as "thebassholes". Several forum search engines are hopelessly ruined because of 23,000 posts in a particular popular game.

I agree with the added sections Jim mentioned and the Stickies that appear at the top of a section.

I didn't understand the game part of what Jim said though :dunno:
What if You have a subcatagory under each main catagorey and call it the Archieves or something similar. And place all the important threads accessible that way Just a thought.
OK, to demonstarte what I'm talking about, use the simple SEARCH tool to look up "bass". You will find a jumble of topics from games, to tournament talk, to general disussion, all mixed up. A new member just wanting to study about bass and how to catch them is going to have a tough time sorting. Since the information is spread all over "all" boards must be searched, eventually adding thousands of game posts into the results.

Now go to the "Advanced" part of SEARCH. It allows you to confine your search to a partucular board section. But we don't have particular board sections devoted only to bass. Our General Discussion contains lots of other stuff like a discussion about B.A.S.S. board abuses, and a huge amount of bass talk is scattered all over. Archival of good information is only possible by organizing it in logical categories that will work well with the SEARCH engine. We need a way to limit results of a search to not include "bass" tournament being held by the Jazoo County Bass Club and every other casual mention of "bass", or whatever word they are looking up.

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I like the "Editor" idea also. Someone deciedes what is worthy of being placed in the archives then have those peices of information archived to be referanced later. Through the idea of Jims to make it easier to relocate. Just my $0.02. We don't got it to bad yet, but its coming!
dkinder wins in my book. If there was an archives sectoin in each forum, and moderators could put particular threads in the archives section, that would make searching old threads too easy. :thumbup01:
All great ideas guys! Thank you for your input!

I didnt mean to leave this thread unanswered for so long, its just been a busy week or so. I still have every intention of putting this thread preservation idea into action. I will probably begin working on it over the next 2 weeks or so.

I think in the end it will be great and allow us and all others to easily find what they want when they want.

My end goal for The Bassholes is to be more than a forum, like every other bass forum out there. Inevitably we will have a MASSIVE library of infomation second to NONE. A Bassholes wet dream if you will ;)
I'm thinking of an alphabetical TOPICAL INDEX that would contain links to threads on any given subject. It would be a daunting task, but once in place could be maintained fairly easily, and would be a huge resource to be proud of and very helpful to all. Once a master index is created it could be sectionalized in each board. For instance, the part of it having to do with TIPS & TACTICS would also appear in that section. The job would already require a lot of members to contribute some time to. We have too much in here for any one person. It could be set up in a thread so everyone can add to it as we go. An example line would be:

JIG: Build an Oldschool Jig Jig Tips

Not all related threads would have to be included. The idea is to demonstrate how using the SEARCH feature can unlock a huge database of knowledge.

Maybe just a thread on how to do a power search would be about as useful. I think I'll start that now anyway.

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Since we have topics on the front page that cover things with Pro Anglers, articles, etc., why not create a place to put all the topics that are discussed, into an organized file, so that anglers that visit the site are able to access the information contained within the forums?

Much like articles, let each discussion have a heading of the main topic included and have someone edit all the "junk" replies that do not provide information, but instead are jokes and one liners.

Just my 02.
Okay, I hope I can write this so it's understandable. As you know I have been looking at a lotta old threads. If, for example, I am on page 26 and find something I like and make a post, I end up back at page 1. So then I have to hit my back button 3 or 4 times and wait for the page to load each time to get back to page 26. Or when I leave and know the last page I looked at was page 26 I have to go to the end and come back to page 26. Is there a way to go directly to whatever page you want? I don't know if this helps what you want to do or just throws more irons in the fire.
There's preferences in your profile you can play with...One is to show most recent posts first, for example...You may want to probe around in there and play with the settings and see if you can get what you're looking for...
All righty Cap...or is it Mo...or Captainmo. Thanks I will see what I can do.
You can call me Mo...or long as you don't call me late for supper, I'm good with whatever.....LOL :lmao:
i was just wondering if there is away to take the GAME talk out of the search results?

i have been tagging some threads(no not many yet) with a link to more topix on the same subject, it's the matrix of info...

check out my last post in here! if you follow one of those links i posted it should take you to more info with more links to take you to similar info with more link, and on and on in therory... it was a start....
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