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Think Im Ready

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Well, I think I am ready for tomorrow. I have my tackle all ready, rods ready, boat ready, got the book to my GPS unit, my map, my tide chart and I am about to start making some sandwhiches.

My good friend Lisa is going to be going with me. She fishes more often than 90% of the people I know and she has never been to Cooper River so I invited her and she is all excited! It will be nice to have some company plus she is a riot! I cant wait to see how she reacts to the all t he huge gators she is gonna see. There are so many gators on Cooper River they are stacked up like corde wood. When she heard that flounded have been known to chase a rubber worm to the boat she got all excited and wants to try to catch one now lol I told her i have no clue how to do that but if I can figure out how we will try... just for her lol

Guess I better go finish getting stuff together. Talk to yall a lil later this evening before I go to sleep. :thumbup01:
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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