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The Rockraw

The all new hot Rockraw designed by custom bait manufacturer Ken Sabine is sweeping the Northeast by storm! This is one of the most realistic craw baits available on the market today. Utilizing a secret mixture of ingredients, these baits are sold by gram weight, and they may be used on a Hookerz Shakey Head, weightless or in their reverse rig weighted to get the bait to stand up, hop and scoot like a real craw. Flip, pitch, drag, hop, skip or weightless, this bait works great. Get the winning edge, as so many anglers are now seeing. This bait rivals the real thing!

5IVE ALIVE Custom Baits NOW comes fortified with Mega StrikeFish Attractant.

The salts and other crystals in 5IVE ALIVE plastics are aged in Mega Strikes concentrated amino acids, producing a time release effect keeping the bait as effective from first cast to last cast.

The RocKraw came to us from Jason over at Hookerz Tackle

I am a big fan of pitching Craw type baits and the RocKraw looked interesting to me.
Upon opening the package and taking a good look at the RockKraw I must say it is a very realistic craw bait.
The RocKraw is alos loaded with megastrike and other ingredients

Here is a sample rigging of the RocKraw with a screw in weight on the bottom to give the RocKraw the defensive look.

I did not have any screw in weights on hand so we rigged ours on a Hookerz Tackle 5/0 Hook and a 3/16th ounce bullet weight T-Rigged and started to pitch into the shoreline.

The bass has no issues slurping these right up, there was no hesitation as they took the RocKraw, the strikes were hard and meaningful.
Here you see how they took the RocKraw almost all the way down, that bass wanted this bait.

I landed many bass on the RocKraw and they held up well, averaging about 5 to 6 bass on each bait before it had to be replaced which is a good number for a plastic bait.

All in all the RocKraw Proved itself on the water, the bass ate it without question, the bait held up well
not much more you can ask for then that.

You can purchase them below , you can also see the Great fish catching colors they come in on the page below.

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