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You can check out and see the news from the practice. The biggest shock that I saw was that Ish has found a few bedding bass. Although I do realize that a few stragglers will still be on bed, I did not realize that it was a big enough # of fish to make a difference.

Seems that a lot of the anglers are going to throw some form of topwaters early, and then go to reaction type baits once the sun comes up. It has been several years, 2001, since I fished the Hill, so I am going to wish the best of luck to the anglers, and here's hoping that they stay safe.

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Clarks Hill is an awesome fishery!

Im not surprised there are fish still on the beds over there. Its been an unusually cool spring this year.

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Re: The Pride of Augusta - Clark's Hill Reservior. Day #3

Well, your final 12 for the last day at Clark's Hill have been decided, and they are as follows:

1. Davy Hite
2. Kenyon Hill
3. Kevin Wirth
4. Jason Quinn
5. Jeff Reynolds
6. John Crews
7. Michael Iaconelli
8. Mark Tucker
9. Gary Klein
10. Peter Thliveros
11. Randy Howell
12. Jared Lintner

For the complete standings from Day #3, click:
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