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The Final 12 for the Santee Showdown.

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1. Preston Clark 92-10 lbs. (Day 1 & 2 leader)
2. Skeet Reese 83-01 lbs.
3. Stephen Kennedy 83-00 lbs.
4. Kevin Wirth 80-12 lbs
5. Terry Scroggins 79-14 lbs.
6. Greg Hackney 78-07 lbs.
7. Kelly Jordan 78-06 lbs.
8. Dean Rojas 77-11 lbs.
9. John Crews 76-06 lbs.
10. Aaron Martens 75-10 lbs.
11. Mike Wurm 74-05 lbs.
12. Bink Desaro 72-04 lbs.

All weights are for Day #3 of the 4 day tournament. Dean Rojas' 108 lbs. + stringer could be in trouble if Preston gets a solid 26 lbs. stringer tomorrow. Santee is capable of producing that big of a stringer.

I have a funny feeling that if Preston brings in 20#, that he will win the tournament hands down.
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Looks like Preston is kicking some booty !!
Yea, he's laying the whipping to the rest of the field. Rojas should be sweating bullets tonight and all day tomorrow, for that record of his. It could fall. He had a great showing in Florida, for the Classic. Not sure about how he did for the first two Elite tournies, but he's sure showing that he's one of the Elite anglers on the tour.

And if I am not mistaken, and correct me if I am wrong, his wife is pregnant with twins? I believe that's the reason that I was rooting for him to win the $500,000 at the Classic. However, $100,000 will definitely help out the cause with the babies. :)

I hope that Preston wins this tournament. So far, having 4 different winners in the first four tournaments sheds a fresh light on things. Makes things more interesting, I believe.
Its either twins or more ( I just cant remember )

One other reason to go for him.. A FLORIDA BOY lol ( now to get Terry up there closer too !!! )
Now that I think about it, I do believe that he is having triplets. I remember them talking about it during the Classic. Still, the money that he could win at this tournament will definitely help.
Santee has set the 4 day weight record a few times. If I recall correctly the record Rojas broke was Santees last record. Santee has actually held a lot of records for BASS tournaments.
Its good to see these guys catching such nice stringers.. but if they really wanna impress me, I still say hit Santee in the dead of summer when the weather rolls in and out of the SC low lands as fast as traffic lights change colors and the water temps are high 80s and air temps are in excess of 100.
When that happens on Weiss, that's when I patiently work the docks with the wacky-rigged Senko. But, shhhhhhh, that's our little secret! ;D

Does Santee have docks?
Oh yeah Santee has some docks, but I dont think they play as big of a role as they would on most other lakes simply because of the millions of cypress trees.
Weiss is slap full of docks, and since the crappie fishing is such a huge part of what makes up Lake Weiss, most of them have a ton of brush underneath them. The best I have found are the ones that have brush, but that are adjacent to deeper water.

Just go along and wacky-rig a Senko and fish very slowly, and hang on.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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