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The Evil Skunk!

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Well 4 of us headed to the Grand River, a very popular steelhead river, on Saturday. 3 of us were ameteurs and the one guy, Tom, is very experienced. He has been doing it for 12 years on multiple rivers, but this was his first time fishing the Grand.

Anyway, at the end of the day, Tom had lost 5 fish. I had lost 4 (one stretching close to 12-15lbs), Sleded had lost one and poor Arnaldo broke his noodle rod within an hour of fishing so he didnt really have a chance with his 7 foot replacement. :-\

So 0/10 in roughly 6 hours of fishing. Amazing weather though and it was nice to have fish on. The Grand is a very challenging spot to land a steelhead. You cant really chase them downstream like in small creeks, but they have lots of room to run. The huge one I lost ran about 500 feet before shaking the hook. Pure power! Having some heavy current behind them doesnt help the angler any.

Anyways, it was fun to be out in beautiful November weather. We'll be back at it next Saturday and hopefully things go better.

I'll leave you with a pic of me using my float setup in the early morning mist. :)
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Rich, I hope the weather doesn't bite you in the butt this weekend. It is turning to S H here in the midwest looks like our warm weather is over for a while I heard the man say maybe 6-inches of snow. I like to fish in thwe bad weather it just causes travel problems. Like how to get your boat out when the ramp is covered in snow and ice. Nice photos dude you have really got a talent with your photos and story boards I wish I could do something like that its cool. later, Drew
At least you got bit, Rich. That gives you hope. And next time, bring a flippin' stick. They won't go too far on 65lb test braid. ;D I didn't say they would bite, did I?
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