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The Chatterbait: Fad or for real?

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Is this lure just one of the many lures that are going to be a passing fad, or will it be one of the lures that has a lasting legacy in the bass fishing industry.

As it goes for me, I will not use them. I do not like how they look, and I feel that there are comparable lures in my tackle bag right now, that will accomplish the same thing as this lure does. Sure enough, I might not be catching bass that I would be while using this lure, but then again, since I will never use it, I will never know the difference. ;D

What are your thoughts about the chatterbait? Will anglers be using them 5-10 years down the road, or will they go in the same piles as the Banjo Minnow, the Helicopter Lure, etc.?
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Well, I am going to TRY to get one and try it out.( May wait till the demand for them have subsided )

I dont think it can hurt to have 1 or 2 of them .
The smaller model is working wonders here. Unfortunately I ordered the big one, which has been back-ordered. One young guy has been showing off on Ouachita, pulling up to marinas and catching really nice 5#ers right in front of everyone. From what I've heard about the fellow it has to be that bait, not his fishing skill.

At 2005's Classic Expo I got the chance to hang out and talk to the creators of the Chatterbait. I also got a chance to fish it in a tank and see it in action. At that point I told everyone I knew that the Chatterbait was going to be HOTTTTT and I bought a few for myself.

You have NOTHING in your box that works like they do John, I can assure you of that 100%. They are a totally new concept and a very functional one at that. To watch how one swaggers across the bottom or how it climbs over a lay down, is amazing. There is no bait on the market that moves with the same pattern or ease.

The chatterbait is the new SweetBeaver and it will be around for many many years to come. Other companies will copy it. It is going to do for jigs what the slug-go did for jerkbaits - open a whole new classification and slew of techniques.

I guarantee that you want one... no... you need one.
Nah, I don't need one. I don't care to have one. LOL One's success should not be determined by a new lure on the market. When it came down to the Sweet Beaver, I did not use them until a year after they had come out. Did I still catch fish? Yup. Has it increased the # of fish that I catch............on certain days, perhaps.

Here's another question for you many of the pro bass anglers are using them? Also, how many would own up and admit to actually buying one and using one?
Apparently you've made your mind up. Based on what though, I don't know. Sounds like you just are just dead set at not trying something new simply because everyone has been talking about it lately. I use to be that way.
I can tell you though, with this bait, not owning any is a mistake.
Now, Im not gonna swear by this BUT I believe I recall a ' PRO ' winning or placeing in top 3 at a FLW on the Big - 0 useing a chatterbait. ( I will see if I can find that artical.. If I can find it I will link it to this thread )
Well, here is something I found .. if you go to the link, its almost at the bottom of the page.

Chatterbait chat 2/3/2006
Ron Davis, owner of RAD Lures, is the creator of the hottest new bait on the market – the Chatterbait. He talks about the lure used by the winner at the Okeechobee Southeastern Stren and some of the top finishers at the Okeechobee FLW in a new BassFan Radio interview with Terry Brown.
It's not that I am dead set against trying anything's just that I allow the lure to get more credibility to its' name before I consider it a lure that will be around for more than 2-3 years. The Banjo Minnow caught fish........and I actually went and bought them, and caught fish with them. However, after a while, they disappeared. Not that I care to use them anymore, because the rigging you had to employ was more than enough to aggravate a rocket scientist.

All that I am saying is that some lures are passing fads, that anglers will forget about over a period of time. Sure enough, they may reside in a few thousand tackle boxes, but after that period of time, that's the only place that they will be, is in the tackle box.

I am a very skeptical angler. The only lure that I haven't been fully skeptical about was the Sweet Beaver, and that was because when I first saw it, which was a while before I used it, I saw a place for it. I just don't see a place where this lure will out perform any other lure out there.

After this lure gets a reputation of being a lure that sticks around for more than 2 years, and I will contemplate getting one. ;)
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The sweet beaver is nothing more than a oddly designed "creature" type bait. It's far from being anything revolutionary, regardless of how affective it's been. The same goes for the banjo lure. It too was nothing new and its action could be easily mimicced with lures and hooks already on the market. However, the Chatterbait... there is no bait or lure on the market that can mimic the Chatterbait. By not getting some of them in your box ASAP you are missing out on alot. To me it makes no sense to wait for more fish to see the bait and its action before finally giving in and buying some. I could hardly imagine what it would have been like had I not jumped on purchasing Slug-Gos when they were first on the shelves in local CT tackle shops.

I think you are hugely wrong about them being only in tackle boxes after a period of time. I dont see how you could even think of stating that without ever using the bait first hand. I promise you, this bait is going to be around for a long time and if people can get past patents you will see many BIG name manufacturers putting out their own versions of the Chatterbait, simply because it's a revolutionary bait.
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Cool find Rodney about the Pro placing in the money with a Chatterbait.
I am willing to bet there are many other pros out there right now who are using the Chatterbait too. Im sure I dont need to remind anyone that if a Pro finds a HOT bait that is unknown, the last thing he is going to do is tell the world about if he can at all help it.
Well, I used Slug-Go's once, and never picked them back up. So, that's as far as I care about them.

And I have still caught plenty of bass without them, and part of those bass that I caught were large bass.

You all can use them, but I won't until I see that it's not a passing fad.
Yeah many do pick up slug-gos and then put em back down to never use them again. Main reason is that most dont know exactly how to fish a slug-go. If I showed you exactly how to fish the slug-go youd find it hard to fish any other bait I guarantee you ;-) And I know, you think you know how to fish the slug-go already, but if you care as little as you have made it appear you do, then you do not know how to fish the slug-go correctly. And just so you know, you do NOT fish it anywhere near like you do a fluke or any other soft jerkbaits ;-) Most dont know this but many pros keep slug-gos on them at all times. In fact slug-gos have been used to get many pros in the top 5 more often than you realize. ;)
Well, I made the plunge !!!!! I went by Clermont Bait & Tackle just a bit ago, after getting my mom's oil changed in her car.

I ended up getting two ( 2 ) of the Gambler Swim Blades ( ChatterBox knockoffs ) in 3/8 oz ( got a white one, and a blue & black one )

Soon as it cools off Im going to rig one up and watch it in the pool. ( well, after I try to rig it I should say.. Looks wierd to me. )

Ohh, and they are a little pricey. ( I think $ 6.25 each or in that neighborhood )
If I don't use them, why would I care how to rig them properly, as it sits with you?  It doesn't make sense to talk about a lure that I have no desire to fish.  I feel good that the pros feel that they can use them to get them into the standings, but the truth of the matter is that you never hear about them anymore, unless it's Shaw Grigsby talking about them.  He's the only angler in the past 2 years, besides you Jared, that have actually brought anything up about the Slug-Go.

It's the same with the Chatterbait.  At this point in time, I have no desire to fish it.  In the future, it might change.  However, at this point, I see no reason to have it in my tackle bag, and I see no situation where it will outperform another lure.  That's just me though.  A lot of anglers may place their faith in this lure, and it may be very effective for them.

I don't mean to step on any toes, but I just do not see what makes this lure so special.  I understand that the action is different, and I understand that it's "revolutionary", which is a term that is thrown around way too much, but it still does not mean that it's going to end up in my tackle box.  

To you, it's a mistake for an angler not to have it in their tackle bag, while the same is true with the jig for me.  If you can't fish a jig effectively, in my opinion, then you are missing out on a lot of bass that you could be catching.  However, to an angler that has never used a jig before in their life, they don't know the difference between the % of fish that they catch with it and without it.  

Another reason that I do not feel that it's going to live up to the hype that it is getting is because I don't believe that it's a lure that you can fish EFFECTIVELY.  After all, no lure is 100% effective upon it's birth to the public.  You are right, there will be companies that try to mimick the lure, and it's due to the fact that it can be modified to be more productive and to be more efficient.  The only time that I have not seen this scenario to be true is with the Senko, and that's only because the lure was not made to the public until several years after it's inception.

Another company could analyze the lure, sit down and work on designing the same type bait, but make modifications to it so that it will be more effective when fished, more productive as it stands when to the % of fish caught on it when compared against the original, and to make it more "realistic".

All the anglers know that a lure is more effective and more marketable when their are lures of the same classification on the market.  You can look at the Senko................a lot of people use the Senko, but there are the same # of people that use another companies version.  It allows the room for comparison, which is NEEDED in fishing, so that the angler knows what he's getting.  Right now, the Chatterbait is a "one of a kind" lure.  Therefore, no room for comparison can be made.  Sure it's going to catch bass, but the true test of this lure will be when it's got competitors.  I guess that is what I am looking for...........something to compare this lure against.

When that happens, and the market is a little bigger for this lure, then I might add it to my tackle bag.  Until then, I will be more than happy with the things that I know for a fact work for me and I will be more than happy with the fish that I catch using those lures.
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Actually Slug-gos are talked about A LOT more than you realize. I am assuming you do not recieve BASS Times. I have seen several articles in there over the last year that have been about the Slug-go. Also, if you watch the coverage on ESPN of The Santee Showdown and listen carefully, when they are following around one of the anglers, he explains what he has been nailing them on which of course is the slug-go.

You should really try not to be so naive as to think that simply because an angler or group of anglers do not mention or talk about certain baits means that they are not using them. I promise you that many pros lie about what was tied on the end of their rod when they were boating fish. This thread here is total proof of that Although the pros have been doing it long before this years Classic.
I know of a gentleman in the north east... I cant mention any names or what state he is in... but he regularly catches smallmouth in the 8 pound region. His secret bait? a slug-go.
Actually what am I doing?? lol Don't use the slug-go if you already decided against it. The less people that use it the happier I am. Down in my neck of the woods, the guys I fish with call it the "yankee bait" because I always fish it, (and my nickname is Yankee) and I will throw it regardless of the season or the temps and quite often whoop their tails with it lol

As far as companies copying baits... 99% of the time they dont do it to improve upon them.. they do it to capitalize and make some money on a hot bait by breeding their own version. That is why you see so many copies of Sweetbeavers and slug-gos. That is why there is already atleast one copy of the Chatterbait. That is also why you dont see a copy of the helicopter lure or the banjo lure... they were not hot enough for anyone to make any money off to make them worth copying.

Anyway, Im sorry to hear that you cant see what makes the chatterbait so different and makes it special. I've used it first hand and well I guess if a buddie's opinion isn't enough to make ya think that perhaps you cast your vote too early then, oh well, so be it.
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I couldnt wait any longer, I had to go try that Chatterbait knockoff out in the pool.

I think I will go get a few more of them bad-boys before he runs out again lol.

That thing has a very iractic motion with twitches , and you could feel the vibrations with every twitch.

I also tried a very slow steady retreave , with a vibration being felt with every turn of the handle.

I burnt it just below the surface, YO-YO'd it. You name it I tried it.

I wont say its the best thing since sliced bread, but I cant wait to try it out on a fishing trip.
Rod, let me know how you do, cause the more I think about it, the more I want to know how regular folks like us do with it. Perhaps Jared has jaded me into considering them before I normally would. Darn you Jared, you persuasive little fellow. LOL ;) JARED IS THE BAIT MONKEY! ;D
Will do ... But in the mean time, might as well try to get you 1 or 2 as they are hard to come by right now )
Jared, you are right, I don't get BASS Times.  I got one copy of it, back in the day, and felt that it was just a glorified version of the magazine.  I didn't see anything worth reading in it, and therefore, I put it somewhere where I can't find it.  LOL  

I also didn't get to watch any of the coverage of the tournaments, because I already knew who won, and with what weight, and BASS/ESPN's coverage of the tournaments have been poor, at best.  I already had the pertinent information, and didn't feel the need to watch the "action".

I don't think that you have to worry about me picking up a pack of Slug-Go's anytime soon.  Not that I wouldn't give them another try, just that no one around here carries it, that I know of.  The closest places that carries it, that I know of, is BPS in ATL, and that's a 2 hour drive.  I am not a big proponent of spending more in gas than I do in fishing gear.   ;D
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