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The Bum Jig 'n Worn

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The shaky head jig worm is a rebirth of the round head jig worm and dart head jig worm popular for 30 years or more. The evolution the the round head jig worm was a lure called a "bum" and it will becoming back also. The bum is the jig worm with a short 1 to 1 1/2" living rubber shirt added to the jig. The short skirt is tied in the middle of the strands so the strands make a collar over the jig head and back over the worm. This gives the appearance of unruly hair on a "bum". The added movement of the living rubber skirt can trigger bites and slows down the descent of the jig through the water column.
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I like the sound of that!

I like to be able to change jig heads rather than jig weights to affect sink rate. I have run into many anglers that didnt realize that head shape alone can change the sink rate of a jig. For example, a round head jig will sink faster than a football head jig, even if they are the exact same weight and don the exact same trailer. I use round head jigs quite often for current situations because I feel it falls closest to my intended target due to it sinking faster.
Sounds good i will have to look into it , i imagine the fishies round here aint seen that before! dave
They already had that!? :eek: I wanted to try that. It adds a little bulk to the lure, I really thought it would work. But I never tried it.
I just can't visualize what Tom is saying hear at all. I need to see things more then read it. So can someone post an example of this for those of us (me) who are more visual? :D

Didn't see your question until know. To see what a shortskirt living rubber jig looks like see the Skinny Bear Jig site;
http;// Pro signature series.
You can make a 1 1/2 inch silicone skirt using a rubber collar about 3/4 in the middle and slip this onto a round head jig or Owner sled head. I use Skinny Bears, they are available locally and easy to use, just add a worm Tex-exposed hook.
Another goodie
As usual, Tom lets the cat out of the bag. sheeeese, can't keep a secret no how! They do work, & depending on trailor, they can be very good for swimming. The next thing you know, Tom will be telling everybody how to dropshot, then there won't be no secrets left.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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