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Well, the standings for the first day are in, and one of the usual suspects in in the lead. Here are your top 10 for the first day of the Bluegrass Brawl.

1. Kevin VanDam
2. Jeff Kriet
3. Tommy Biffle
4. Randy Howell
5. Kelly Jordan
6. Mike Wurm
7. Jeremy Starks
8. Jeff Reynolds
9. Matt Reed
10. Tim Horton

Jason Quinn is in 13th, Marty Stone is in 18th, Denny Brauer is in 19th, Rick Clunn is in 20th, Edwin Evers is in 21st, Greg Hackney is in 22nd, Skeet Reese in 35th, Gerald Swindle is tied for 41st, Aaron Martens is in 50th, Ish Monroe is tied for 55th, and Michael Iaconelli is in 61st.

For the full day #1 standings, click:

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Re: The Bluegrass Brawl - Kentucky Lake, KY. Day #2.

Here are the results for Day #2.

1. Kevin VanDam
2. Randy Howell
3. Kevin Wirth
4. Russ Lane
5. Matt Reed
6. Tommy Biffle
7. Lee Baiey
8. Jeff Kriet
9. Mike Worm
10. Morizo Shimizu

Kelly Jordan is in 11th, Gerald Swindle is in 16th, Skeet Reese is in 17th, Jason Quinn is in 18th, Edwin Evers is in 23rd, Rick Clunn is in 24th, Ish Monroe is in 38th, Greg Hackney is in 43rd, Aaron Martens is in 45th, and Michael Iaconelli is tied for 49th.

For the full standings, click:

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Re: The Bluegrass Brawl - Kentucky Lake, KY. Day#3

Well, the field has been cut to the final 12.

1. Kevin Wirth
2. Kevin VanDam
3. Morizo Shimizu
4. Tommy Biffle
5. Skeet Reese
6. Jeff Kriet
7. John Crews
8. Edwin Evers
9. Lee Bailey
10. Kelly Jordan
11. Mike Wurm
12. Jimmy Mize

Gerald Swindle finished in 22nd, Rick Clunn finished in 28th, Aaron Martens finished in 38th, Michael Iaconelli finished in 39th, Ish Monroe finished tied for 43rd, Greg Hackney finished in 35th, and Takahiro Omori finished in 50th.

For standings from Day #3, click:

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This time of year Kentucky/Barkley fish completely definitely. Kentucky is all about ledges, deep ledges. I could find them, there are hundreds. Finding the right ones and then finding the fish on them, now that is the issue. On Barkley, the smallmouth are the way to go, but they move every day and sometimes every hour. That means you are constantly on the move.

Not my favorite time of year to fish those takes but definitely a great challenge.


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Re: The Bluegrass Brawl - Kentucky Lake, KY. Final Day.

It was looking like the two Kevin's at the top of the leader board at the end of the Day #3 would be fighting for the title, but they allowed another angler to sneak up from behind, and to claim the title.

Here are your final standings for the Bluegrass Brawl.

1. Morizo Shimizu
2. Kevin Wirth
3. Kevin VanDam
4. Skeet Reese
5. John Crews
6. Jeff Kriet
7. Lee Bailey
8. Edwin Evers
9. Mike Wurm
10. Tommy Biffle
11. Kelly Jordan
12. Jimmy Mize

For the total weights and prize winnings, click:
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