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The Biggest Salmon of my Life!!

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34 pounds, caught while fishing with Fishmaster's charters on Lake Ontario today! Awesome, what a fight!

Action Angling episode coming soon.. let's just say that wasnt the only impressive fish caught today!
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That right there is a gorgeous salmon you got bud. That's a coho, right? :-\ I ain't too swooft on my salmon species. :)
Wow awesome fish Rich!!!!
Man Id filet that baby up and eat one half normal and salt cure the other half. YUM!!
Looks liek your straining a bit there Rich lol rofl j / k

A nice nice nice fish !!!
Thanks guys!

John it was actually a chinook (king) salmon. I have never caught a coho before but I am going to try this fall.

F4F here is a pic where I actually WAS straining! After fighting that beast for 20 minutes I was pretty weak, it was tough to hold her up!

lol after that pic my shirt was stained all day in fish slime!

And Jared her fillets are going into the smoker this week along with the other shakers and rainbows we got. BBQ'd some fillets last night with orange slices and italian seasoning, and it was just awesome. Amazing how the orange juices take the fishy taste right out.
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man you make my mouth water LOL I LOVEEEEE smoked fish!! I also love to salt cure salmon. They typically call salt cured salmon Lox. Some lox and a bagel with some cream cheese and thin slice onion... yummm lol
Rich, ya know what Id like to see again sometime... didnt you post pix of sturgeon you caught a year or so ago? I remember that sucker... it was HUGE! Can you post them again sometime please? :)
Sturgeon? I wish.. but 'twas not me. I will be going for them for the first time this fall though.
Here are some more trolling pics from yesterday, feel free to add them to the gallery. It was a great day out with a group of good guys. The first time I have really ever done that style of fishing on Lake Ontario. Would gladly do it again, but bass is still my fav ;)

"Scotty" with a beauty rainbow!

Sleded fighting a chinook

Scotty with a nice little chinook

Me fighting the big one

Sleded with a nice lake trout (his first ever)

Sleded and a decent chinook
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