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With the Elite Series swining into the home stretch, the BASS Major presents the 2nd of 3 Major tournaments, which is being played out during July 27-30th, on Lake Wylie, NC.

Click the link below for full details of events and scheduling for the events surrounding this Major, and here's hoping that the BASS pros will have a successful tournament, just like the first major.

Remember, the winner wins $200,000 for the first place prize. ESPN2 is planning on having same day action for the final day, so stay tuned to ESPN2 to watch all the action unfold!

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Re: The BASS Major: American Day #1

A familiar name is at the top of the leader board, at the end of Day #1.

1. Kevin VanDam
2. Dave Wolak
3. Lee Bailey
4. Aaron Martens
4. Peter Thliveros
6. Stephen Browning
7. Kelly Jordan
8. Skeet Reese
8. Gerald Swindle
10. John Crews
10. Terry Scroggins
12. Ish Monroe (WTG ISH!)

For the entire field from Day #1 of the American Memorial Major, click:

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VanDam is a friggin fishing machine! I swear! :goldcup:

I can't believe he is so far up the AOY list even though he never got to fish Santee Cooper. :cheers:

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Yup, that's one reason why I have always looked to him for fishing advice, although I don't know him and never have met him. He's always in the mix, it seems, and he can come outta nowhere to really mess up the entire field.

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Re: The BASS Major: American Day#2

I believe that this is the leaderboard for Day #2. BASS has not updated it into paper form, and I am gathering the information from the leaderboard.

If things change, I will redo it.

1. Tim Horton
2. Lee Bailey
3. Gerald Swindle
4. Kevin VanDam
5. Terry Scroggins
6. Kelly Jordan
7. Jimmy Mize
8. Denny Brauer
9. Takahiro Omori
9. Jason Quinn
11. David Wolak
12. Mark Menedez

For how the rest of the field did click: I will update the URL when it becomes available.

Seems that several anglers that have been missing the cut in the Elite Tournament have come to the forefront in this tournament. Denny just got through winning the tournament in NY, and Takahiro is back in the mix again. And it's great to see Mark Menedez in the mix.

Best of luck to all these anglers.

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The top 12 in the American have fought to determine which 6 will go to the final round on Lake Wylie.

Here are your top 12, and the top 6 will be moving on:

1. Dave Wolak
2. Gerald Swindle
3. Terry Scroggins
4. Kevin VanDam
5. Mark Meneendez
6. Takahiro Omori
6. Jason Quinn
8. Timmy Horton
9. Jimmy Mize
10. Kelly Jordon
11. Denny Brauer
12. Lee Bailey

For the weights, which were set to 0 for the third round, click: Congrats to the final 6! Coverage can be seen on ESPN2 at 7 PM tomorrow evening. :)

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Well, the coverage on ESPN2 was a little late due to tennis, but it seems that a "rookie" bass angler has got his first BASS tournament victory.

Here are the final 6, and congrats to Dave Wolak!

1. Dave Wolak
2. Kevin VanDam
3. Gerald Swindle
4. Jason Quinn
5. Mark Menendez
6. Terry Scroggins

Congrats to the anglers that made the final 6!

For weights from the final day, click:
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