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I wanted to say thanks to everyone at the bassholes for throwing such a fun contest. I recieved my prize immediately after my notification that I had won, a $30 e-gift card which was so easy to use I didn't even have to summons the kids to help me. I recieved and spent within 30 minutes. I finally have a couple of Lucky Craft jerk baits. I am about half scared to use them for fear some thing bad might happen to them you almost need to insure them but they look awsome. Thanks again Jared.
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Excellent Drew! Im so glad to hear that!

And I know what ya mean about being afraid to toss those Lukcy CRafts! lol I have a few that I feel the same way about LOL

Enjoy and let us know about the hawgs your new baits catch when ya get to use em! :)
Congrats to you
Don't be skeered! lol. Just take pictures of all the fish you catch with them and share with us!
Well done on your win ;D ;D
Lures are made to be lost. I had two ghost minnow pointers dissapear before I caught a fish on one. First one my line got tangled around my rod somehow on the cast, line broke, :'(. Second, I got the feeling that was the lure of the day. SECOND F$%%^&*U* cast, EVER, I see a HUGE white- green streak, 15 feet from the boat. Set the hook to hard for my line. :'(
That bein said, I'm still skeered to throw my new $60 swimbait. ::) Will it be :dance01: or :'(???
hi steel basser said:
That bein said, I'm still skeered to throw my new $60 swimbait. ::) Will it be :dance01: or :'(???
Now on that, I do NOT blame you! lol

Thats like throwing a rod away if you lose one of those baits lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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