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Thanks for the welcome

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Thanks for the welcome . I'm a 48 year old father with three grown children and a bassholic according to the wife. She says I've turned my boys into fishing maniacs also.I live in Western Penna. and fish mostly PA., OHIO & New York some. I absolutley love bass fishing and tournament fishing,although I sometimes think I enjoy figuring them out more than the actual catching. I am looking forward to sharing some honest fish catching info.and learning a lot from my inquiries. I am a student of the game and ask a lot of questions. Will have a lot to talk about soon , as the cold weather is about to put an end to the fishing up north in about a month . Thanks, George
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Happy to have ya George!!

I am in NY, on Oneida
georgemro said:
She says I've turned my boys into fishing maniacs
Nothing wrong with that at all ;)
Welcome to the site. Glad to have you here.
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