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Thanks for joining hi steel basser!

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Welcome to the site! I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Enjoy your stay and start posting soon! Share your fish stories...
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:eek: Thankya! Sapprized anybody noticed so soon. Expect to hear from me alot in the future.
Actually; I live within sight of the dead sea. I've had some good days on it, and I'd love to fish Lanier more, but I have a 14 foot johnboat, and Lanier scares me in the summer(for obvious reasons). Actually my current favorite lake is Carters Lake. AWESOME woood in deep water. I almost put a wet spot on my jeans talking about it. :DOther than that, Charlie Elliot is on my to-do list this spring. I'm a spot lover, but the top 5 LMB in GA feature 2 or 3 from there, And my personal best is a 11-14 from upper raliegh pond(spawning bed 1/2 oz black/blue jig 4" Rick Clunn trailer but I don't like to talk about it much).
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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