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I have a question for you guys....What would i have to get to fish in OK when i live in arkansas,i know a lic. but how much,if i wanted to take my boat to tenkiller and fish.A friend of mine use to go all the time but,he moved away and i forgot to ask him about that.I know in NC if you have a general fish lic. and you went out on a boat in the ocean you don't need a salt water lic. or atleast when i lived there 3 years ago.I was wondering if it was cheaper with a boat then just an out of state lic.If i need to buy a lic. and it is in out of state lic. it may be cheaper to get a po box in OK and get one that way,don't know,thats why i'm asking.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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