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Tell Me Something About Lake Atkins!

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I think this lake is kick ass. I will be fishing a few different lakes around here as I am in off water right now on Lake dardanelle.
Please oh Please OTTER... Lets go fishing there!
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have never fished there, but have a friend in Missouri that has a home on the lake, he says it has come back good, supposedly it was brought way down a few years back and re-stocked, dunno, just what i was told.

He considers it the 2nd best lake to fish, 2nd to tablerock, the northern inlets are his favorite

cya on the water!
Yea, they drained it a few years back and stocked it with Florida strain. It has a slot but I can't remember what it is. Man, I remember catching my first one not long after dropping the trolling motor... Woohoo!
Atkins is the northern most lake in Arkansas that will support the Florida strain bass. They completely drained the lake a few years ago, improved cover on the lake bottom for bass, re- filled it and for the last four years or so have stocked it heavily with bass and bluegill. There plan was to develop a solid population with great habitat and become a lunker heaven like Lake Monticello. There are lots of brush piles, the banks are lined with cypress and the fishing has gotten better each year. The original plan was to not restock crappie, but someone didn't get the message and they accidentally got stocked too. The bait shop and boat dock along with some trailers and some RV hook ups are for sale again, but probably priced a bit too high. It was for sale 3 years ago and at that time they wanted about $350,000 for it and even though I thought about buying it, I never could figure out how to turn it into a profit maker. I have no idea how much they are asking for it now, but I can find out in case anyone is interested. 8)
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Dang... you do know something about Atkins. Let's go!
I have heard a lot about the Crappie fishing down there but I never care about that. Not yet anyway...
I was told lucky landing is gone after the tornados is that true . Years ago the used to have sunday tournaments there . I fished my first tournament there it was a blast i bet that was 7-8 years ago at least
Lucky Landing made it through the storm. There was some damage to the docks(which were in bad need of repair) but all in all it weathered the storm pretty well. I am looking forward to hitting it soon. They make a good hamburger there and after fishing for 5 or 6 hours, it can be a lifesaver.
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