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Hello Everyone. I would like to first wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

How would you like to see travel to your state to help set up an organized event within your community? How would you like to be the one responsible for showing our Nation's Veterans some appreciation in a different way?

We would like to know because it is our overall goal to have at least 1 TASF event in every state in 5 years. I think it will only take 2 years but that is because I am pushing myself.

In order to have an event in every state that means I am going to have to travel ALOT to make my passion a reality.

I need your help as patrons of the site to help me plot my way along the map and where I need to stop. We want to come out and meet the people that support our soldiers and this site. Our goal is to try and set up and work out the details of an event at each stop along the way. This road trip is going to be long for me and possibly my family but we all share the same passions.

What I need from you guys/gals is for you to send me an email to [email protected] and put ROAD TRIP in the subject line. Then I need you to give me an address, town, and State & Lake of where you would like for us to stop. Try and pick a location near water that you think an event would be held on.

As each entry comes in we will plot it on our map so that we can choose which route would be best for travel.

So please help us choose our route.


We are currently seeking sponsors that would like to help us along the way.

It will be myself, my beatiful woman, and our 3 boys doing this traveling we had hopes of being able to do it a little more comfortable like a nice motorhome. Because of the economy just about everyone has turned off their sponsorship programs. This trip may very well be done in my 99 Honda Passport.

If you can help after the holidays to show support and help us get gas, food, and lodging and some promotional products to hand out along the way we would be extremely grateful. If you know or work for a company that would like to help I will allow for their logo to be on my truck as a sponsor.

Thank you very much for your time.

Mike Nashif
[email protected]
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