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Just wanted to send out a note to all of our registered users and let you know what has been going on in the world of Combat Warrior Crisis Network and the Take a Soldier Fishing world.

In Late July we attended the Dallas Boat Show (DBS) and put the "soon to be" Take a Soldier Fishing Legacy Boat on display next to our booth.
Special thanks to Bron Beals, the DBS owner, and Franklin Pillsbury IV for helping to put all this together. The TASF Legacy Boat is going to be special for many reasons, but the main reason is this: The 18ft FishnSki was donated by Gary Ivy and his brother of Temple, Texas. The original owner of the boat was Gary's father. After having a great conversation with Gary and his brother, I learned of the families rich family military history.

Gary served a number of years in the US Navy and was active during the first Gulf War. Gary's father was drafted into WWII and served as a combat medic. Gary's Grandfather was drafted into WWI and discharged in 1919. His Great-Grandfather served in the Union Army and I have seen the original documents that discharged him from his voluntary service, signed by Abraham Lincoln.

To show tribute to this family and their proud military family history we have decided to dedicate this boat that was donated to our organization to the Ivy Family Legacy. The renovations will be complete and the boat will be on display and unvieled at the International Winter Dallas Boat Show.
You can check out the next boat show at

More news...

This coming weekend August 28-30 Take a Soldier Fishing and VISIONS: The Women's Expo have teamed up to bring about 30 women soldiers to the Dallas Market Hall. Four lucky women will get extreme make overs, 6 more will get partial make overs and make up tips, and 4 other lucky ladies will get the chance to enjoy a Dallas Cowboys game at the new stadium. If you would like to come out and enjoy the show and support Take a Soldier Fishing and see the transformation, please come by the Dallas Market Hall by 4pm this coming Saturday. The 4 lucky ladies will present themselves on stage and have offered to talk to the public about their experiences of being a woman in the military. Come on out and show your support.

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Adjuvent Expos for this opportunity to pamper the ladies, and the Reniassance Hotel for their extremely generous donation of 20 rooms to help make all this happen and allow these women to feel just that much more important.

If you would like to help with this or any other projects or events that we have coming up please contact us.

Upcoming Events:

Lake Fork, Texas September 26
Montaulk, LI, New York October 4
Toledo Bend, Texas October 31

Remember, the holidays are coming up on us very quickly and we are collecting toys, gift cards, and money to distribute to needy miltary families. Gift cards are always best because they can always meet someones needs.

Thank you for your continued support!

Mike Nashif
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