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Tackle Organization

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As some of you know, I leave for Santee Cooper this weekend for a week of non-stop fishing. As I prepare my supplies, clothes, gear etc... I started to wonder how everyone prepares their gear before they head out to fish. On short day trips, I normally go through everything the night before. I check line, retie all my baits, etc... Of course I am headed out on a long trip so now I am respooling all my reels, cleaning out my entire tackle bag, cutting off any and all tags from the eyelets of baits I removed and stowed in a hurry in the past, basically just reorganizing everything.

I find doing this, whether for a day trip or a long trip, almost therapeutic and I enjoy it a lot. How's everyone else feel about this? Do you have any routines you follow? And does anyone have any tips you can share with our members on this topic?

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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