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Tackle Bag/Boxes?

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I am curious, how does everyone organize their tackle? Obviously if you have a boat you have the ultimate floating tackle box... but those who dont have boats or even those who do but still keep a bag/box for fishing from shore or on another boat, what type bag/box do you carry and how do you go about minimizing your gear without bringing all 8 tons of your tackle with ya?
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I mentioned how the boat storage is arranged with clear labeled plastic boxes and canvas type carrying bags, plus the Albacore tackle storage carrying organizer. The Albacore unit allows me to stack 6 plastic boxes and has additional storage for terminal tackle, scent, pork bottles and tools.
When fishing with someone in their boat I try to figure out what I need based on where we are fishing and the seasonal period. I also factor in how my partner for the day likes to fish. You should be able to reduce tackle when fishing in someone else's boat to 4 rod and one tackle bag. If walking the bank I try to reduce it down to one rod and a belly bag. If traveling I send 2 rods in rod tubes and a small canvas bag in shipping box. All this takes a lot of planning ahead.
1. One rod out fit; 6'6" med/hvy bait casting w/12 lb mono
2. Two rod outfit; #1 plus 6'6" med/light spinning w/ 8 lb fuoro
3. Four rod outfit; 2 each #1 w/ 14lb fluoro and 12 lb mono, #2 plus 7' cranking rod w/ 12 lb mono or 7'8" hvy swim bait rod and 25 lb fluoro, depending on the seasonal period and where I'm going.
lures and terminal tackle is dependant on the seasonal period. My go to lures are: Roboworms plastic worms / Yamamoto Kreatures, my jigs, Bomber 7A crank, Lucky Craft 78 pointer and Sammy, 1/2 oz Nichols spinner bait w/Indiana blades, all the reaction baits in shad colors. Plus Huddleston swim bait depending where and whom I'm fishing with.
If I was fishing Amistad in the Elite series I would send #3, replace the spinning rod with the swimbait combo, adjust the lure selection to take advantage of the big bass available and feel confident back seating, otherwise I would need my own boat loaded with tackle.
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I use the clear plastic plano boxes in my boat and I have a soft side carrier to bring them with me when I go on another boat.
On my boat, I have 3 storage compartments. The 2 side compartments are mainly for paddle, net, lifevest, ropes and my trolling batteries ( since I have went to the 2 ( two ) 12 v batteries I keep one in each compartment to balance the weight.

My center compartment is where I keep the hard lures I know I use the most.( cranks, topwater etc.. ) Then on my side compartments I will keep extra lures as well. ( what I dont use alot of and extra plastics ( one box for worms, senkos etc.. Another box for Kreature type baits.
I also have a worm bag that I keep what plastics I know I will use that I keep in my center compartment as well.

When I was a non-boater I used a Plano 777 ( I believe ) and my worm bag.

When I go with friends, I take my worm bag and I have a small and I mean small tackle box with the bare minimum in it.
i am having some trouble finding good way to store all my gear on my boat and still making it portable enought to take with me. I have the largset box offered by Plano, very bulky and doesnt fit in any compartment on the boat. I use it strictly for hard baits and spinner baits, that i use most frequently. Then i have 2 smaller boxs that do fit in compartments with baits i use less. So i guess the good part is that all the baits i use the most are always on deck but i would like to find some other way to organize within the boat. Then plastics are a different story. I have plasics in every compartment in the boat. I have yet to find a good way to organize all the plastics.

There is nothing worse than being on a fishing trip and not having all the tackle you may want or need for ever changing conditions on the lake. It is always a headache to organize tackle when you have so many possible needs while on the water.
I keep the lures im planning to fish with that day(and some if the conditions change) but im trying to build confidence in alot of different lures, so i will take what i think will produce for me that day, and leave the rest, so if im not catchin with a lure im not yet confident in i can't just tie one on that im confident in, however tournements are a whole different ballgame, i only take confidence lures if at all posible. When im not on my boat i have a old BPS tacle bag that I fill for the day. Dave
My Plano tackle bag has 4 Plano boxes enclosed with crankbaits, topwater, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, vibrashock lures, and my 1 jig. :neener: It has a front zipper pocket filled with bags of jerk plastics and two side zipper pockets filled with more plastic worms, spare fishing line, scissors, and multi-use pliers knife thingie. :) I need another bag, this one is full!

YOUR SUPPOSED TO ORGANIZE THIS STUFF?!?! :eek: :rofl1: :shrug: I have 6- 3600s, 6- 3700s, and 2 "soft bags" full of worms, cranks still in the box, etc. The soft bags have "Dick's Sporting Goods" written on them, but they tear easy.
I have yet to find a better system than the falcon series and the falcon v12 bag it holds 13 box sand has
enough room for two speed bags that holds 20 bags of plastic apiece.
Do you or anyone have a link to this? I am interested.
I will try to figure out the best link to use,but for now you can go to and check out the bags and boxes.The new v12 bag I did not see but the boxes are there.Will try to get a better site with better pictures.
hmmm just found this.. wonder how this would work with pre-rigged (by ourselves) carolina rigs? I think it has strong possibilities.
This is what I have basicly. Thanks for the link Jared.
In regards to plastic flat storage boxes, they should have the internal compartments going parallel to the length of the box, if you stack them on the length edge, like a book. The boxes you posted are 3600 series and good worms under 7", layed flat of on end. I don't like the smaller 3600 series 11 X 8 for crank baits and larger worms and use the 3700 series 14 X 9. It's easier to keep things divided with the larger boxes for me. I will take a look and see what make and number mine are.
This is what I have. I don't know what size the flat plastic storage containers are but this bag holds 6 ro 7 of them.

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Here are some more pictures with most of my baits.

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Great photos and well organized. You have more than red traps and watermelon green/red flake in your bag!
Wow very organized and very clean Bobby!

My tackle bag is a MESS! lol I really need to clean it up and organize it this month before spring gets in full swing.
Thanks. I think I spend more time organizing my tackle bag than I do fishing. LOL
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