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Table Rock Lake

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Looking for a partner to fish the Ahoys winter series
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Can you give a little more info? What lakes and dates?
Its just on Table Rock once a month can get dates if interested
What day of the week? I'd be interested in being an alternate for you. How much is the entry? However I have NO experience on Table Rock at all. Pretty appealing ain't it. ;D ;D Peace out Drew
The closest I have gotten to Table Rock is Bull Shoals. I didn't have a great time there but could use the practice. I don't know much about clear lakes...
If I fish CPA the 1st tourny is Beaver. Any Ideas? Last weekend in Feb.
Havent ever fished on Beaver but I would be yanking a spoon a bunch
Did you find a partner for Table Rock? Are you going to fish Central Pro Am? If you are and you come up to the Lake of the Ozarks let me know and i'll try to hook you up. Drew
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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