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Sweet Basil.

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If you all are into growing your own herbs, get you a bag of Sweet Basil seeds, and have at it. If you are planning to have them as indoor plants, I would suggest no more than 4, but if you can put them outside (after threat of frost), plant as many as you want.

About 6 weeks ago, or maybe 7, I planted a lot of sweet basil, and tonight I snipped off the tops, down to about the 4th nodule on the stems, and I put them in the dehydrator..........and came out with 4 trays slap full of basil!

Sweet basil smells wonderful, as it has a very fragrant and peppery smell, and it tastes great. Since we do not have any marinara sauce to put some fresh in, I am going to dry those leaves out, and will use for rubs, etc.

They are easy to grow, and very abundant. :)
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You could make pesto, olive oil, extra virgin please, pine nuts roasted, garlic, & of course, basil leaves. You can freeze the leaves fresh also, they will stay over the winter. As long as you keep the plants well watered you can harvest the leaves all summer.
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