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Suprise fish of the day

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I caught a 4 1/2 pounda to day on a lucky craft fishing for bass talk about scarey not knowing alot about these fish all I could think about was the great chance this would be to lose my first Lucky Craft. I have a pic that I will be posting soon. Drew
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Kewl deal
I will have to get someone to help me size the photo or learn how to do it my self. Its kickin my butt.
Use they resize the photos for you and even give you the links.
OK I got it on photobucket and now i'm too damn stupid to put them on here! I'm gonna drink a beer, its that bad, been trying for 37minutes. It says pics are htm can't load htm WTF?
Any one know how to do photobucket?
imonembad said:
Any one know how to do photobucket?
Send me the pic and I'll put it up for you. [email][email protected][/email]
4 1/2 pound walleye?
I got pictures honest I do.
Did you send me the pics? Someone sent me bass pics ???
You didn't put your hand in it's mouth did ya? :cussin:
bigbear said:
4 1/2 pound walleye?
Don't have a 4 1/2, will a 7 do?

My good friend who owns the local pro shop.

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Sorry Karl those are the photos I have been trying to post and can't get the photobucket to work out. I even tryed my 13 year old computer whiz.
Now thats a Walleye. Notice no hand holding the lip :)
Thanks Karl, I probably need to move them where they are suposed to go but I'm shot for the night. I have a photo of that walleye on here somewhere Its in the wrong spot too I can't figure that photobucket thing out! Thanks a bunch. Drew
Karl the pics you sent of the snow isn't deep enough for me to think you thought that was a bass :dunno:... Surely you remember what they look like... :neener:
Nice fish by the way!
Ok, started to post this but got confused... we talking bass? or we talking toothy fish?
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