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Supersticions and the Bass Angler?

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I've met a lot of bass anglers over the years and it seems all of them that I met had some supersticion about their angling. Either it was a lucky lure, shirt, hat or something... or it was something they should or should not do before going fishing.

What about yall? What are your supersticions? Do ya have any?
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I don't have any but I know there are many out there. Bananas in the boat, no stepping in the net and a few others that i've heard of... Oh, yea, one more that tickled me... NO pink in the boat... My tournament shirt color. ;D
I dont think I have any supersticions when it comes to fishing, but I do have a habit or two. I always stop at a store and get a 20oz bottle drink for the ride to the lake. ( even if its 2 miles away lol )
I have that same habit Rodney. Also, it doesnt matter if I will be fishing for 12+ hours 200 miles from home of if I am in my pond 100 feet from my kitchen for a few hours... I will always pack a few sandwhiches lol I love sitting on the water eating lunch lol
I won't take a dip of snuff untill I have boated a fish. I'll go a hundred miles out of my way if a black cat runs across the road in front of me just to not cross his path. kinda anal ain't it? you just don't mess with superstition.
if i am wearing shoes, i keep a lucky penny in my left shoe

however, if it is ANYWHERE warm enough to where i dont have to wear shoes, you will never see a shoe/sandal/sock/ anything near my foot

when im on my boat in the middle of a summer day, shoes are a myth
I have heard that some pros throw a short cast like a foot in front of the boat because if they catch a fish on the first cast the rest of the day will be bad. Whats up with the bananna thing anyone know how that got started?
COUNT ME!! I don't want a fish on the first cast. I usually throw a lure a short distance and try to NOT get hit the first cast. Just seems to me that that is the only fish I catch that day, with one exception. Only one time have I ever caught other fish, I got on'em schoolin', and caught 3-4 right off the bat. Then I got skunked the rest of the day. Dunno for sure about the 'nanner, aint gonna find out. :thumbup01: Also, I like to eat a steak and egg breakfast at Waffle House o the way to the lake, but I don't think that is superstitious- just good eats.
nanners draw mosquitos and other blood suckers. Fact! If one person in the boat has eaten one all suffer from the draw of bugs. They just don't mix with fishing and hunting. Some really old beliefs are that one banana in a boat brings bad luck from failure to harvest shrimp/fish to shipwreck or attack by pirates. Instead of messing with a banana, stuff a sheet of fabric softener in your shirt pocket. Also put one in the dryer whenever your fishing outfit is being cleaned and dried.

I agree with the "catch a fish on the first cast" deal too! BAD BAD LUCK! lol Everytime I have ever caught a fish on the first cast the rest of the day was a disaster! I never thought about making a short cast to ensure thsi doesnt happen. Thanks all, now i have a new supersticious habit to begin LOL!

I know one thing I feel is bad luck for me... bringing a camera on my boat with the purpose of taking pix of fish. If the camera is just there then thats ok. But if I specifically grab it and load it on the boat to take pix of all the fish I will catch... forget it... im a skunked dude lol
Now a days I just grab it so I can take pictures of the sunrises or cool looking cover... atleast thats what I tell myself LOL
the short first cast retrieved as fast as i can reel is my first one, i tried taking the camera once but got skunked went the next day ended up with sore arms and didn't have the camera, buddy caught a 5# smallie in a small creek with 6# line while wading, on the day without the camera.i finally put a small disposable camera in the front pocket of my tackle bag so it's always there.seems that curse is over now that it goes every time.
the other one i heard is that if Ur first fish gets of before u touch it u might as well go home.
It's nice to hear Im not the only one with the camera jinx lol I figured most would think I was crazy just from reading about it! lol Its nice to see Im not alone :cheers:
I use to be VERY bad about having my lucky hat on. I've pretty much gotten over that one though. I still have a few hats tho that I WONT wear because they are bad luck lol but I dont have just one lucky hat like I once did lol
I quit taking my camcorder on the deer stand because of its ability to ruin my hunts.
I have a few superstitions myself. They are as follows: I have two hats- For cloudy or possibly rainy days I where my khaki Carhart hat. (I don't think it's khaki anymore, it's 6 yrs old. For bluebird days I wear the hat my grandfather gave me. It says, Women want me, Fish fear me. Both hats go with me when I fish. Another, is a have to have a bottle of Dole apple juice. I usually get it at the first stop when I get my coffee. I have two Curados. One is on my wacky rig rod and the other is on my flipping stick. They must face opposite directions all day. My final one is that I lace my shoes right over left. It came from the military, but all my shoes have to be this way. Pretty sad huh?
The only one I am real familiar with is the banana, I ve been out with several salt water captains and that is a definite no-no, they would just as soon throw you overboard for bringing a banana, (past experience before I knew any better).
I used to think the camera thing was a concern, but I also just keep a disposable in my tackle bag at all times, even though I barely ever remember to put the rod down and take pictures.
What happens if you buy a cell phone with a camera? Do the fish quit calling you back to the lake? (OK, that might have been a dream I had.)
it sounds kinda gross but i absolutely will not under no circumstances brush my teeth the morning i go fishing, but don't worry i keep a toothbrush and tootpaste in my truck. people always stare while I'm  strapping down the Skeeter and got a toothbrush in my mouth, cant figure out why though.... :dunno:
i leave my stringer at home. Ive never caught a fish when i had it with me. Kinda puts me in a bad spot when i do catch something. Guess its a good way to practice catch and release.
I won't pump gas in the truck or boat tourney day. I always think the smell is going to ruin my day out there, and i've proven it to myself before by testing it, but who knows really.
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