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Today Easter Monday 09/04/07 saw Daz and myself down to Meadow Waters again.

The weather was very pleasant, sunny and warm. We got our usual pegs, far end of the water in between the tree's

Baits for me were, Red maggot, bronze maggot, flouro maggot, Daz had the same but with pellets, and as ever worms for chopping and feeding.

Today i decided to fish the feeder rod, BUT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an hour or son into the session i decided to ????? fish the pole, the first time in almost 3 or 4 years. And what a pleasure it was. I was getting roach and dace on the pole, 3.2lb line and a size 20 kamasan B611 hook

I also managed to get some skimmers, roach and a decent perch on the rod and line, In all i had around 20 fish. Recent events came to the fore and i lost interest in the fishing, I sat and pondered about things.

The day went to Daz, he whooped my ass today.

Daz initially started fishing the rod and line, but when he saw me pulling fish in on my pole he decided to fish the pole. And what a right move.

Daz was doing very well, he was feeding 6mm pellets and using pellets as hook bait. Skimmer after skimmer fell to his hook, as did the roach and dace. Daz was enjoying it judging by the huge grin on his face. I forgot how many fish Daz had, but no doubt he will let us know
As the day went on the air temp dropped, and a slight drizzle began, but it was short lived..

We decided to call it a day at about 4pm
Yet another great day on a great fishery with my mate Daz.
Thanks Daz your a gent
Picture time

Daz with a skimmer

And another

A foul hooked skimmer, we were certain this was a big fish the way it was fighting, maybe a good tench or a carp, but hey what the heck

Daz with a fine dace

My peg

A goose, mmmmmmm tasty in the oven roasted LoL

And last of all Daz's bag


We noticed another angler over the other side of the water latched onto a good fish, and here it is

A fine carp


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Everytime you post pix Andy, y ou and your buddies always look to be having the most relaxing peaceful times! I so would love to cross that big pond one day and fish with yall. ;)

Thats a nice carp. I bet it pulled like a freight train huh?

Nice to read about such things as Roaches, Maggots, and fish I have never heard of before haha. I do enjoy hearing of your good times. That is what it is all about anyway. Cheers :cheers:
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