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Sunday 02/25/07

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Today, Sunday, saw Daz and myself back to Meadow waters for another session.
Baits used were, Bronze Maggot, White Maggot,Red Maggot and Flouro Pinkie.
Groundbaits were, Halibut Groundbait with Brazem Crumb addative for me,
Left to right Top Left, groundbait, then Flouro Pinkies
Bottom Left, Red Maggot, then white and bronze maggot

And here's my peg

And Daz will let us know what he used, altho i did see some white breadcrumb being thrown in.The weather was rather cold, the water was cold,the fiels and surrounding grass area was a little bit water logged, Dave the fiushery owner said the place was under 3 inches of water on Friday
Onto the fishing

I fished the feeder, Daz, he fished the feeder and the whip.
First fish fell to me, a small roach, not a monster but a fish at least.I went onto catch a further 5 roach,( think).
Daz, well he done much better than me this time out.

Here's a view of Daz's whip and float, fallow the tip and the float is to the right of the tip.

Daz got a decent mixture of fish, Roach,Rudd,Skimmers and Perch, In all Daz had 28 fish.

First off here's a Rudd

Next a Roach

Now a skimmer

And now a proud Perch

And last but no means least the bag of the day

Yet another good day with my good mate Daz, a rather cold and sometimes wet and windy day, but a most enjoyable day.
Once again Daz, your a star, thanks a lot
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Nice pics, I never get tired of seeing those rigs you use.
Nice report and pictures Andy :)
thanka fellas
the rudd and the roach look very similar, what is the main difference between the two?
I would like to have about 6 of the perch for my fish tank at home.they look realy neat.
great pics and report
thanks andy
PS i notice that all your posts say "Daz, well he done much better than me this time out."
am i seeing a trend
The roach has a turned down mouth and the dace has an upturned mouth.

Yes we do keep score on who has the " better days "LoL, all in fun tho ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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