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strikeking soft plastics

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Has anyone tried these baits? I tried the slugo & the sinko they are some kinda tough but they are soft to the touch. I caught 10 bass on one bait and it still isn't ragged out it blows my mind how tough this stuff is.
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I have only tried the lizards. They work okay I guess.

Never tried what you mentioned imonembad.
Im confused a bit. The Slug-Go is made by Lunker City and is the original soft jerkbait. Strike King has a bait they call the slugo too??
No its not a slugo per say it is a slugo type bait. I'm not sure what it is called and it raining out and i'm not going to the boat to see what it is called right now. I will let you know later. I just call all soft plastic slugos, slugos I hope its not a copyright enfringement. lol. Later, Drew
it looks like the Z Too and the Zulu are Strike Kings Slug-go/Fluke type baits. I like the way they look.

Ya know what I really like that I just saw for the first time? The Tube Tech Shads. They look like theyd get eaten up in a heart beat!

I especially like colors 9 and 59.
ohh ok.. I kinda thought thats what you were doing. Thats cool by me :)
Its the z too I remember now that you've found them man they are tuff. I don't like the action as well as the original slugo tho.
Yeah I love the action of the original Slug-Go. It's a more subtle action and you can finesse the daylights out of it. When I want to work the soft jerkbaits faster and stay below the surface, I will switch to a Zoom Super Fluke. I. admittedly, probably use soft jerkbaits way too much, atleast this past season. I think I probably fished a soft jerkbait 80% of the time this season. I know, bad habit to get into: sticking to one bait only. But man I love fishing them! lol

This fall Im going to cut it out though and get back to some other baits... I hope... if my willpower stands up lol
Do you drop shot a slugo? I been having sleepless nites over this thought. I went out to try it and I had the wrong setup and I washed out fast but I can't get the thought out of my head. I do the same thing you mentioned with a tube. I live by the sword and die by it. Its just so versital shallow, deep, dead sticked, bounced and drug. I have a hell of a time doing something else so I know what you're talking about. I do like top water and slugo type baits and the best string I had all year was on the spinnerbait 22.05lbs I had three six pounders talk about being in the zone I wish I could get back.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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