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Storing plastic baits

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How do you all store your plastic baits? worms, lizards, etc... Keep them in their original bag or ziplock or ??? Just curious...

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davidva said:
How do you all store your plastic baits? worms, lizards, etc... Keep them in their original bag or ziplock or ??? Just curious...

Well, for me it depends on the bait. Like my zooms, I will just keep them in the original bags. But some of my other baits like my productos I will store in a tackle tray like the plano 3600's or 3700's. Then there are senkos and any other baits with a high salt content. I keep those in a good ziplock bag and will generally throw some rice in the bag to help absorb any moisture so it doesnt draw the salt out of the baits.
try , let me know what you think! 8)
I use both. ( Original bags when I can, and ziplocks when I cant )
I keep mine in the original bag and use a cooks type storage system.
I use both systems (loose and bagged).

If I know I am going to be fishing plastic, I will go to the bag method. Easier to keep in your pocket so you don't have to dig into the tackle bag to get a replacements.

CHADWLY, I swear, one day I am going to install my bag system from Cooks. I like the concept and it does look like it would keep your baits out in easy reach.
I use zip lock freezer bags and label them. They seem to compress and store better for me in the boxes I use to store my soft plastics in.
I keep the baits im using for the specific trip in a small tackle bag the soft baits are in the bottom and all the hard baits are in their own trays cranks in with cranks and so on. Everything else is at home, except my "oh s**t" bag which has all my confidence baits in it, those stay under the passengers seat. Dave
Soft plastic baits:
Worms and creatures in flat 14 X 9 x 1 3/4 boxes labeled by size, color, style and mfr. 14 boxes in the boat and keep the night stuff and over flow in the garage cabinet. It is important for me to have worms lay flat and straight as possible. The boxes are organized and stored on the wide edge so I can read the labels like book binders. I also keep the smaller 11 X 7 1/2 X 1 3/4 boxes with drop shot worm, grubs, hooks, beads, Peg-IT, weights etc., in storage bags in the locker. Swim baits in 14 X 9 X 3 1/2 boxes, laying flat, not on edge.
With this arrangement I can find what I need fast or grab a terminal tackle bag and whatever soft plastic boxesI needed when fishing in another boat. I keep my jigs, pork trailers and crank baits, spinner baits and spoons in a separate Albacore tackle bags.
For you guys using the Cooks Storage system I have a question. When you "drill the screws" into the lid of your compartment what size screw do you use to keep them from poking through the top and carpet of your deck? Many boats use metal lids for strength and weight and they are just not very thick. So how do you keep the screws from poking up through the carpet and making that a problem when walking on it? Do you guys glue it on instead? This is a problem that I consider with this system.

My friend has it and is having a hard time figuring out how to install it as his lid is metal and too thin for any screw and like most of our compartment lids, has foam on the underneath part making it difficult to glue without having to remove that foam.

Your thoughts?
The solution maybe removing the carpet from the metal storage hatch cover. Drill and counter for flat head screws from the top surface and use lock nuts to hold the brackets from the inside. Caulk the screw heads with carpet glue and reinstall the carpet. Trying to drill through carpet is difficult with catching a thread and ruining the carpet. You could also try to install a bracket or wood on the inside edge of the hatch cover and attach to that, instead of removing the entire piece of carpet.
I think that is what cooks recommends but I'm not sure I have mine in the homemade deck lid.
NOTE:* It has been brought to our attention that many people really like our Tackle Storage System, but when it comes to drilling the 11/64" diameter holes, and installing the two #6 screws they are very concerned that the screw heads will be visible. We intentionally downsized the mounting screws to a #6 screw so the head would be small & disappear in the carpet when tightened. If the instructions on the package card are followed this will not be a problem. Pick the carpet fibers out from under the screw head prior to tightening the screws, then as the screws are tightened the rubber backing of the carpet will yield and the fibers will pull over the screw heads concealing them very well. This rubber backing will also seal the screw from any leakage from rain.


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I have been thinking about taking a piece of trim board and bonding it to the boat lid with some type of glue like liquid nails or somekind of epoxy. I would then attach the bait bar to this strip and avoid screws into the fiberglass or carpet. Do you think this would work?
No! The first time your in rough water it will pop off.
10-4, Guess I could glass it in, but that is a lot of work. I was just thinking out loud about alternative mounting options to keep from making holes in the boat. Any suggestions
Thanks guys. I will email my friend this thread so he can see this. I asked really for his sake as I don't have one. But I might consider getting one myself. So I appreciate the advise.
TCB use the manufactures suggested method. The usefullness of the product way out weighs the holes (2) in your boat. Its just a boat! 8) Good luck my friend. later, Drew
If you plan to drill through carpet you need to razor cut a hole or X first so the drill doesn't snag a string and wind it around the drill.
oldschool said:
If you plan to drill through carpet you need to razor cut a hole or X first so the drill doesn't snag a string and wind it around the drill.
yeah very good suggestion because that could make a huge mess
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