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I'm trying to find some storage boxes for my tackle bag. I could go ahead and use the 3700's I have already. But I would like to find some where the compartments run from fron to back and are 9" long rather than running from side to side and are 14" long. I have one of the new bags that the boxes stand up on their edge in and dont want my worms and soft plastics (especially my jerkbaits) to slide all to one side and take on the memory of the bent storage position.

It seems NO One makes them like that unless i go for the smaller boxes. I am starting to think my only option may be to use bags, such as cabelas TUB binders.

Still Id like to try to find hard boxes in the 14x9 size... they can be slightly smaller but Id like to try to get as close to 14x9 as possible.

My other option is to gut the regular box and rebuild the inside myself with styrene to my own specifications.
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