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stinger on a slugo

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Insert the hook on your slugo head then put a number4 trebel hook on your worm hook set the worm hook in the slugo and then take one hook of the trebel and bury it in the slugo. This works great if you are missing a lot of fish because they really aren't taking the bait good. good luck, Drew
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I like this idea. The only thing I am curious about is how the extra weight of the treble will affect the bait. I love slug-gos. Am a HUGE fan of them actually. Do you find you have to offset with a bit of weight towards the front of it? Does it still fall horizontal nicely? Also what size slug-go are you doing this to? The 6" or the 4.5"?
Jared, I like the 6 inch BPS glass eye shad witch is a reel thick bodied bait so I haven't noticed any difference but I reely don't think that there is enough weight in the treble to jack up your preformance of the bait. I don't always use this set up because it will tend to get hung up more because you are losing alot of the weedless factor to the bait by adding the stinger. Later, Drew
I fish slug-o type baits a lot and often use a treble hook stinger especially for short striking smallmouth. A # 6 treble is a good size for 4 to 5 inch baits.take your trebles and dip the eyes, lightly, in clear silicone sealant and let dry for a day. this will keep it from coming loose when fighting a fish. If you rotate the treble so that the eye is flat against the belly of the bait it will fit over your off-set hook neatly and one barb will fit in the bait nice and straight and it will not affect the action of the bait as much. Slugo's, flukes and similiar baits must absolutley be rigged straight to be affective lures. This can only be achieved by paying close attention to where the hook enters the nose and exits the belly. I see a lot of guys with them rigged haphazardly and not catching as many fish as they could be. One more tip,if the bass are not taking the bait or short striking try speeding up your retrieve with a sub surface'walk-the -dog' action.Good luck.
georgemro said:
Slugo's, flukes and similiar baits must absolutley be rigged straight to be affective lures.
This is perhaps the single most important aspect of rigging soft jerkbaits that there is!

And I LOVE your idea with the silicone sealant! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!
Did you ever......
I remember the slugo, I think the sinko has pretty much replaced it now.
I have a variation on your sealent idea, georgemro. I use this method for my stinger and trailer hooks, too. I use small diameter heat shrink tubing over the hook eye. Cut a short piece, heat it, and the tubing is in place. This way you don't have to fiddle with the tiny pieces if rubber tubing or whatever else fisherman use to keep the trailer hooks from coming off.
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