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Went to the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 Saturday to check out what is going on out there. Lake is 3 feet low and Farm 13 has a east west ditch with a roadbed one one side that is only 1.5 feet deep in spots. So be careful.

I went to the back of the Farm and began tossing my Heddon Pop'n Image and immediately it get's blown up on. Few minutes later another blow up. 2 decent sized bass. Well basically this goes on ALL DAY with periods of inactivity. Just awesome to be tearing up bass on topwater not just in the morning but all day. Blue bird skies hot day with light winds at times and the bass are still smashing the bait. What was odd to me is some bass would inhale the whole bait and smash it on top while others would simply slurp the bait in hardly disturbing the water. Some of those where the better quiality fish too.

Anyway, I ended the day at 4:30pm with 28 bass. 27 of them on the Heddon and 1 on a lipless. I missed maybe 4 more bass and one I got to the boat and it was in the 4-5lb class. But she pulled lose.

Biggest of the day this time 3lbs. Caught lots of 2lbers. Funny thing with all this activity not one time did I catch a bass on 2 consecutive casts :)

Another boater friend I know he and his partner said they caught 50. His biggest was a 8.9lber also. They caught all of theirs on topwater also.

May is an awesome month for this lake as every year in May it is like this I hear.

It started to get windy and on this lake lots of wind is a bad thing so I left. Fish where still hammering the bait in between the waves haha.

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WTG Keith .. I havent been able to buy a topwater bite in a long time. ( Devil's Horse, Spook jr., or Sammy )

I rigged up a sugoi splash ( spitter ) and will give that a try on my next outing. ( hopefully tomorrow ).

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Good job Keith. Sounds like you had a blast.

Only 1 on the lipless crankbait?? What happened?? LOL Just messing with ya.

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I went back again today starting at noon and the Heddon Popn'Image simply could not get a bite at all. How weird is that? Saturday they tore it up Sunday not a sniff. I tried a Sammy style bait nada. Went to a Chug Bug and right away caught 4 bass. Same size all in the 2lb range and nice chunky fish.

I boated 2 more on a spiner bait including a nice 3lb 6oz chunk. That was when the storm blew in. I got stuck out on the Stick Marsh with this horrendous rain storm and high winds. Wow was that a wet, rough ride back to the boat ramp.

I was so soaked afterwards haha. But it was fun.

Bobby, yeah I know this lake is not a great lipless lake right now. But hey, I am pretty versatile and catch them on top also :)

I am taking Dave from this site to Garcia tomorrow with his Dad. Actually they are taking me in his boat. Winds forcasted to be 30mph at 7am. Yeeehaaaw. No Stick Marsh that is for sure. Garcia it is. Now, lipless will dominate once again :)

I will post up what we do Monday. We will be fishing till 1pm
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