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Stick Marsh/farm 13

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Has anyone gotten the chance to fish the stick marsh? I was just wondering im thinking of making a trip up there in a couple of months if anyones interested we could plan something. Dave
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I've not heard of anyone going down there recently. I would love to check it out some time though.
I regulraly visit this site for reports, check it out.
I have heard that it can be a dangerous place to run because of the trees, stumps, and being so shallow.
Thats the thing it is pretty dangerous easy to tear a boat up, but it definately does sound like a challange!!! OORAH Dave
I had a chance to fish either Miami Garcia or Stick Marsh. The guide said that you could catch the fish of a lifetime on Stick Marsh or catch a lot of fish on Miami Garcia. We chose to catch a lot of fish.
They fish a lot of shiners on both of those lakes, more like flooded fields to 8' deep.
I would suggest, if you have never fished it, to get a guide.
I am going to give the Stick Marsh a shot Saturday. My heart is telling me to stick with Garcia since it is a no brainer to catch 15 bass there right now.

I haven't been on the Stick Marsh since November. It has just been too windy here. Normally 10-15MPH winds are no biggie but here is a little video I made of fishing the Farm 13 in 15mph winds and you can see it looks like an ocean out there:

Wind is suppossed to be less then 10 tomorrow so I will give it a shot. As long as you run the levees you are good to go.

Here is another video I made for the other forum that I am not a member of anymore ;D I made this to show folks the Stick Marsh since we post so many reports from it. So if you have never been to the Stick Marsh and want to see it and some of how to run it then click on this link. BTW, at the end of the video I am running east in what is known as the back lot. This is at the extreme north end of the the Stick Marsh. There is a channel in there that is 8-10 feet deep and has flats on the south side.

Hope that helps.
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