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Unlike last weekend the ole Stick Marsh/Farm 13 really stunk this weekend. First off, the storms that blew through last Sunday evening that got me soaking wet with all of the high winds really muddies up the water on the lake. It looked like chocolate milk out there this weekend. Needless to say the top water bite is gone. At least this weekend. That is sad because that is what I was looking for.

Saturday I started around 7:30am and fished till about 5pm and only caught 3 bass and 1 Catfish. I fished the south end of Farm 13 as did everyone else. I caught my fish on a lipless crank, spinnerbait and a Vibra Shock (chatterbait type lure) I moved to the Stick Marsh late in the day and hooked a nice 3+lber on a gold lipless and it got off right by the boat.

Sunday I went out late around 3:30pm and only stayed in the Stick Marsh. A storm was supposed to come through that only gave us wind and no rain :( anyway, I caught 3 bass. 2 on a lipless and 1 on a black/blue single bladed Colorado spinnerbait. Water was so dirty I treated it like I was night fishing. Once again top water bite was non existent.
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