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Went back for more Sunday and fared worse haha.

I went alone and didn't arrive till 12noon. Anyway, when I got there the wind was howling nice and good. (Does it ever not blow hard here in Florida? :dunno:) anyway, no going on the south end of the Farm. I went back to the north end and caught 3 and had one get off. I tried the Stick Marsh and despite the wind I boated 1 bass there. I caught my fish on a black & blue spinnerbait with a large Colorado blade and a Gold YoZuri lipless again. 4 caught and 5 hooked.

The wind while it feels good because it makes it cooler, is making fishing very difficult in Florida. I think this state should be renamed the "Windy state" forget the sunshine state because this is the windiest state I have ever lived in. I have lived in Texas, Colorado, California, Georgia and Florida. While Texas & Colorado had some days with some nasty winds it was not consistent thankfully. Florida on the other hand is consistently windy. Since last October I think on a weekend it has blown less then 10mph maybe 4 times. Seriously. We have had 20+ mph winds more then half of the weekends since last October. The other half have been around 15mph.

Ok sorry for my rant. I feel better now ;)

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Makes for good sailfish fishing...... :rofl1: We are suppose to have 20 mph today, with 7 to 9 foot seas and gusts to 35 here in NFLA....
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