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January 12, 2007 and I am happy to say that I made another agreement with Fission Lures to represent their products as a pro staffer. This journey into competitive fishing has been a lot of fun, even on the business side. Seeking out sponsorships is an arduous task, but perseverance is one of my best attributes and thus far I am at least getting opportunities. It would be great to be able to make a career in the fishing industry. I don't know if it can happen, but I will continue to proceed forward in that direction
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Congrats!! Glad to hear the good news. As they say "KEEP PLUGGIN" :cheers:
Congrats to you.

I just checked their site out. The cranks sure are ' modestly' priced.
Decent crank, it was not long ago they were looking for individuals to promote their lures to local tackle stores and Fishing clubs. I thought about it, but I do not need something else taking me off the water. Good luck with the lures and congratulations.
Congratulations and good luck making a career in the fishing industry. :)
It is becoming quite difficult to put the necessary time in to promote manufacturers' products to local tackle shops. I have the type of job that allows me to be out on the road all week, which is definitely an advantage over someone stuck in an office, store, or factory. Still, the time crunch still very much felt. I keep trying though! :wack:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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