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I agree totally with the advice you have been given so far, I would like to add to it if I may.
I have gained some really good sponsors and they have been very good to me. You don't want to just start sending resumes to every company out there. Word gets around really fast , and you could dig yourself a deep whole before you ever get your feet wet. Also I would suggest total product loyalty! When you apply to a company make sure you know everything you can about their products.
Realize that you are starting a relationship, and believe me you will have to give it everything you have.
Look for local businesses around your area, and start out by promoting your local stuff. You will need to put the (Money stuff) on the back burner for a while.
Just really think about this in depth before you jump, the business side of fishing is alot tougher than figuring out a pattern on a 50,000 acre me
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