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Sponsoring Bassmasters Pro Glenn Delong

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Okay, I spoke with Glenn on the phone yesterday while he was en route to the California Delta, the next stop of the Bassmasters Elite Tournament Series. Our conversation was primarily about him possibly wearing and representing "The" with a logo / design patch on his jersey. Glenn was very excited about this possible opportunity, for both himself and Glenn understands that "" is a new site and there are no real funds to sponsor him. However, any ideas that members have to sponsor Glenn would be greatly appreciated. :thumbup01:

Jared, Glenn was very open to the idea of having you design his website with an up to date design. He owns the domain name, however, it is a bit dated and needs to be refreshed. When I talk to him next, I can get the list of his current sponsors for the webpage design. I have Glenn's cell and email address for you as well. Glenn explained he will work with you directly instead of any business deals going through his sports agent. He asked that you email him the "" logo / design patch. He would need to get it approved by the ESPN tournament director in order to wear it on his jersey.

Microtec, Glenn was very interested in your idea of providing him with drop shot weights for the tournament, if he was willing to represent Thank you!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of how we could support / sponsor Glenn, please post your ideas here. It would be great to see "" logo on ESPN 2 while millions are watching the Bassmasters Elite Tournament Series. :dance01:

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Some one needs to tell the people at ESPN that the Bassholes has the largest public fantasy fishing group. Before they give us some shit for the name, like they did on the web site. Drew
Looks like things could realy be taking off for the site < fingers crossed >
looks good to me :tbh_flag:
I just got off the phone with Glenn. We didnt get to talk yet though because he was fishing some mountain lake in Cali and had bad signal. When he gets out of the mountains he is going to call me back so we can talk :D
Probably clear lake it is in EBF. I think that the delta is off limits right now.
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