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Spitters ( need your thoughts )

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I was looking at GYCB forums , reading up on the Sugoi Splash and I ran across a post by Ron Colby about the Kinami SPIT-N-SPLASH™

Now the first thing that got my attention was the price difference between the two. ( $3.99 for the Kinami ..... $11.98 for the Sugoi )

I tried to compair the two's features and to me it looked like the Sugoi's mouth was more on an angle. ( Perhaps someone with better eyes can compair and see what they think )

Ok , now do yall think the Sugoi is a better built ( or should I say better quality then the Kinami ? )

I own one Sugoi and have done quite well on it and gonna get another one before I lose it. But the Kinami got me wondering because of the price ( can get 3 Kinamis for the price of one Sugoi )

I would think because of price alone, the Sugoi would be a better quality lure, whats yalls thoughts on this ?? ( and notice this is a spitter NOT popper... even though it does pop as well )
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The one thing that I have always learned again and again over the course of the years is that price is not an indication of price. You can take an Abu Garcia reel, at Wal-Mart, for $50 and abuse it, and use it to death, and it will still come back for more. Some of the higher priced reels will give out before the first year is up.

So, with that being said, the only true way to find out if the quality of the lure is up to par is to test them out. Personally, the only thing that I will get from GYCB are soft plastic lures. I have looked at the Sugoi lures, and although they are definitely eye candy, I can just rely on a Rebel Pop-R, and get them for the same price as the Kinami lure.

The other factor is gut feeling/confidence. If you think that the price is an indication of quality, then more times than not, you aren't going to try the lure. However, if you believe that they could be comparable, you should see for yourself.

The truth is, each one of us could give you our own opinion of things, and each of us could have a different opinion, and they would be worth their weight in gold, but when and if you choose to try it out, you could have a completely different experience with it, which knocks down our opinions.

Since the Sugoi is tested, tried, and true for you, get another one in case you do happen to feel the need for some squirrel fishing, and also get 2 of the Kinami. Test them out and compare them. ;)
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Id be tempted to try the Kinami atleast.

If you want a popper/spitter bait that truly out-performs the rest, get a Don Iovinos Splash-It. I have no idea what it is about the bait but I witnessed it's power for myself first hand.
I was fishing a club tournament with a buddy. It was an overcast day and we had a topwater bite just about the time. Well I was fishing soft jerkbaits and buzzbaits early on however when the tide really started moving out my buddy began using a Splash-It. He started tearing em up! I at first stuck to my guns and used what I was already having luck with but when i saw he was really nailin them I switched to a Rebel Pop-R. We both stood on the front deck and fished the poppers. Fish were nailing his bait while mine was pretty much ignored. It was getting pretty damn aggravating and started to make me feel like I didnt know the heck I was doing lol The one thing I could definitely tell was I could hear the difference between the two baits "pops" and I could see the difference between their streams of "spit". I switched to a chug bug, the sound and site was still different and the fish still didnt want it anywhere near as much as they wanted my buddy's bait. Finally my buddy let me borrow a Splash-It. I tied it on, began casting and like magic, the fish were all over it. Unfortunately by the time I tied one on the tide only kept moving for a short while longer, and once it stopped moving our bite died, so I didnt get to catch as many as my buddy did on his. If only I had one tied on the whole time!

Ever since then I am a thorough believer in Don Iovinos Splash-It. Granted, at 15 bucks a piece they arent cheap, but they are definitely worth every penny.
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Jared, trust me I know where you are coming from . I ' feel ' the Sugoi would be in the same class as Don Iovinos spitter. The noise is quite different then a regular popper ( even though you can pretty much duplicate the pop noise with the spitter as well as its ' intended use ' or should I say ' intended noise '

To me, it looks like the Kinami isnt as angled as much as a Sugoi which would make me believe it isnt as good as a spitter. BUT I could be wrong.
I may end up getting a couple of the Kinami's to try out. BUT I also believe I will get another Sugoi or 2.

And yes John, I know we all have our own opinons , thats why I ask, because I want to know everyones ideas :)
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