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spinning reels

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There was suppose to be a new reel at the bass master classic which is being put out by Doug hannon less drag on line when casting virtually no line twist reel has a hydroplane effect because of the shape of the spool. Did anybody happen to see it. suppose to retail at about 150.00 dollars 10 ball bearing. I happen to have one of the first 100 made. prototype and I love it.
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It would be interesting to study how this works because it defies the physics of winding line under tension onto a stationary spool with a revolving bail. You might be able to reduce the stress on the line by spreading it out over a longer spool, however the line is being wrapped and twisted by opposing forces.
well old school I am not going to say it works until i can get some more time on it I have only had about 2 hours of use on it so far and that is just in the yard throwing it into snow banks as soon as it get soft water around here i will really give it a test..But I also let a friend of mine use it for about 4 weeks fishing steelhead and he never had any problems with it..Plus he was using mono on it and changes line very often because of the garbage he fishes. Lots of stuff in the river..
If it works with hard running steelhead, bass should be a breeze. Why arn't you out fishing for steelhead, they a great fish to catch?
can you post a pic of it?
microtek i will get one taken and get it posted. also old school I do a lot of ice fishing but I am not much into steel head. Dont mind walking on water but wading these cold rivers isnt for me. Couple of knee operations and not as stable as I once was. but in about 3 to 4 weeks we will be hitting the walleyes pretty hard
old school the name of the new reel that doug hannon is putting out is called the wave cast and if you want to see and read more about it go to
hmm thats pretty cool. Now Im intrigued and wanna try it out.
lake city when these hit the market I will be one of the few reps in the midwest at the present time I have 3 prototypes in stock and they are not for sale I am still using them
sweet! :D
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