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what is your favorite spinner setup? ie.. blades, colors, size Also what would you like to see the major companies start doing with their spinners like any changes that you feel would be better?
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I'd like to see all of them set spinnerbaits up to make changing blades a snap. I do that a lot, and when building one I put snap clevises on. Now in answer to a favorite one, there is none for me. I carry a nice assortment to reach whatever depth, holding one to 3 blades, and keep a supply of spare blades in all sizes and several colors, and skirts, and trailers, to match whatever situation I encounter, clear water, dirty water, sunny, cloudy. If I always tied on the same old favorite I'd go fishless most of the time. One might be perfect to wake just under the surface, colors matching shad or bream. Another, on the extreme end of the choices, is 1.5 oz and capable of getting and staying in a very deep strike zone banging rocks possibly never banged before by any angler. Somewhere in the middle is the perfect choice for 8 feet of water next to a weedline.

Jim has made changing blades and skirts a snap, check them out and they are really high quality baits ::)
their spinners are very nice and a great idea but $10.00 for a spinner bait thats just ridiculous when you can make or buy the normal ones for a fraction of the price.
Buying single spinnerbaits is not the way to go, you are better of buying a small starter kit that has several heads and bladesm, which gives you the ability to change blades which is the true beauty of the system. I would only buy a single spinnerbait to test it out or to augment a kit that you already have.
I am a member of Secert Weapon prostaff. Think of it this way, Standard spinnerbaits cost arount lets say 3 to 5 dollars. Secert Weapon you get 1 bait and 4 blades in the mini kit. think about all the different blade combinations you can come up withI can think of at least 7. One bait 7 different blade combos that can be interchanged in seconds. 7 baits from the standard ones cost around 20 to 35 dollars. than you got to retie a new on when you want to change blades. This is the best system I have ever fished.

Chris Mudd
There are many quality spinnerbaits out there and what I mean by quality is the components.(wire, blades,skirts ect.) We as anglers tend to develop favorites based on past success and this inherently cost us fish in the boat.The flexibilty to change blade types,combinations and color of blades is a must.I am constantly searching for ways to achieve different vibration from my spinnerbaits. This can be done only with the blades,the wire and by varying your speed and presentation.Most anglers simply chunk and wind, usually not the way to go.To me the speed of your presentation,the vibration and the depth at which you fish it are the most important elements of spinnerbait fishing with skirt color being a secondary consideration.Only develop a favorite for the moment because conditions will be sure to change at any time. Experiment with copper blades because most guys throw silver or gold.Try spinnerbaits with counter- rotating blades they have made a difference for me at times. Also try flipping a spinnerbaits or fishing it like a jig or worm. You will be amazed at the results.I have had days where they hit it as it lay motionless on the bottom.Give these things some consideration next time out and try to avoid favorites.Good luck
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