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SpinnerBait Blade Sizes ( Replacing Them )

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How many of yall modify your Spinnerbait's by increasing or decreasing the blade size(s) ?

I was going through some 1/2oz double willow bladed Terminator Spinners I had . I felt the rear blade where to large . Im not sure what size they came with, but I replaced them with a #4 willow. ( looked alot smaller compaired with what they had ) I havent checked them in the pool to see how they are YET.

( side note, I got to invest in some split ring plyers , thumb nails caught heck lol )

I also went with a black sharpie on some of the single colorado bladed 3/8 oz black ones I had too. ( Coloring the blades black )
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I like to switch blades a good bit. A while back I bought several bags of different sizes, shapes, colors and finishes from I wish I remembered the sizes of them but I pretty much go by sight. All the sizes wore off the labels on the bags so I have no choice hehe
1/2oz with a #4 willow sounds ok to me. The willow may be a bit small, but all that will mean is you can work it deeper at a faster than normal retrieve rate which could be a good thing :)
I remove the stock blade split rings, then put a snap swivel on the blades for easy removal. I keep a large assortment of blade sizes, styles, and finish. It takes me about 10 seconds to switch a blade now.

What to choose? It depends on what I want the spinnerbait to do, and to some extent size of baitfish bass are feeding on. If I want it deep and fast, maybe I downsize to a 1-3 willow. Deep and slow, a #5-7 Colorado or Indiana. Shallow and fast over weeds, willow in a #2-4. Shallow and slow, maybe a #2 Colorado teamed with #4 willow. I mess with them until they are doing what I want them to do. Weight of spinnerbait? Heavy to get deep fast and stay deep. Light to wake thesurface. There are probably dozens of scenarios, each calling for a particular ideal combination of head weight, blade size(s), style, and color. Bright metallic colors (silver, chrome, or nickel) for sunny days, gold, copper, black, red, or white for dark days.

That snap swivel  is an interesting idea. :bowdown:
Thanks for the link :)
I like to change blades also, I also play with skirt colors, translucent for sunny days & solid colors for windy & overcast days. I have started to spray some blades with clear acrylic & sprinkling glitter on them, it breaks up the flah into a lot of small flashes, kind of like scales, it seems to work.
Another biggie with blade size is matching the baitfish size. Right now they are about 2" long, so I downsize at least one size that normally comes on them. Jim
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